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States to Cancel Extended Health Care Plans not Compliant with Obamacare

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Published on: October 9, 2014

In a few weeks, Americans will be going to the polls for the 2014 mid-term elections. It is a race to determine which party will gain control of the Senate. Many issues are coupled to this election; as according to Obama, his policies are on the ballot when individuals are choosing either a Democratic or Republican candidate. Along with the immigration and “amnesty” issues, one can add Obamacare as thirteen states and the District of Columbia are slated to cancel health insurance plans that are not compliant with Obamacare.

Federal law requires a 60 day notice of plan changes which means voters will get their notice in these states around November 1, 2014 – days before the election. These states, now having to cancel insurance plans, originally were granted a reprieve by Obama to extend current plans for three years, but are now not willing to keep those plans through an additional extension. According to the Fox News report, Virginia will be the hardest hit with as many as 250,000 individuals receiving plan cancellation notices.

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By now, everyone in America knows the lies told by Obama on this “Affordable” Care Act. Liberals, who have supported this atrocity, will soon begin to feel the pinch of the disaster they so wholeheartedly supported. Of course, none of these “extensions” were the fault of the federal government or this administration.

According to Joe Antos of the American Enterprise Institute, Obama didn’t have much choice but to extend current plans.

“There were some five or six million people who were at stake here and the federal exchange was in no condition to even process a few hundred thousand people much less millions,” Antos contended.

Say what? Before the implementation date of October 1, 2013, the federal and state governments had three years to implement a fully functioning exchange to include websites, properly trained and vetted staff, plan coverage details, subsidy regulations, and complete networks. But, as everything with this administration goes, the take-over of the health insurance industry was done using a “fly by the seat of the pants at night” method. Because this piece of legislation was so atrocious, not to mention unconstitutional, it was passed in the middle of the night, behind closed doors, without being read and without one Republican casting a vote in favor of it. But, the administration and Congress is not to blame for the Obamacare debacle. It is the website’s fault for not being able to handle five or six million enrollees. Thank goodness it didn’t have to handle the 20 -30 million uninsured individuals in America, which was this law’s “target” group.

After its passage, Americans were lied to by their own president and government about keeping their plans and doctors, health care insurance being affordable and everyone having access to quality care. Democrats are now trying to separate themselves from Obama and his comment that his policies are on the ballot as many Americans are against them, such as amnesty and Obamacare. Every Democrat would like the American public to forget the unilateral changes to Obamacare issued illegally by executive fiat.

What some individuals have a difficult time understanding is that health care insurance does not guarantee health care nor does it guarantee payment. Both were premises this administration used to promote an unconstitutional, atrocious law. The thundering oration of “mandatory health insurance for all” was heard as “free health care for all.” Nothing is ever free and the cost comes in many forms.

With part of the employer mandate slated to roll out on January 1, 2015, and these states not extending non-compliant insurance plans, more individuals will have another issue to mull over before casting their vote in the midterms. It is issues like Obamacare, immigration, amnesty, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious and a host of others that need to be in the forefront of voters when it comes to casting their vote in the midterm. Voters need to know where the candidates stand on the issues and how the candidate’s stance will affect America’s future should they be elected.

As has been pointed out before, some contend that any information relayed or any opinion voiced on Obamacare is “b****ing and moaning.” Some have commented that we should just get over it and move on. However, when this government mandated that every American “purchase” a product, their product over products already in place, this government became tyrannical. Regardless of whether someone believes it or not, this government removed the “freedom of choice” in regards to health insurance coverage telling Americans you must now have a plan that covers services you may not need or ever use – services determined by the government, not the individual.

Many will say this “law” helps those who could not afford insurance in the past and those of us who are against it just don’t want people to have health care. All individuals need health care to maintain a level of good health, diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases and provide comfort measures in the face of terminal illness. What individuals do not need is the government mandating any type of health care insurance and removing an individual’s choice when it comes to health care. If this piece of legislation was just about providing health care insurance to those individuals who were uninsured, why was the entire health care insurance industry affected? What was wrong with current plans in place for those that were insured through their employer, individual plans or self-insured programs? What was wrong with working within the current framework to provide more affordable insurance for everyone?

The truth is that nothing was wrong with those plans or working within the current framework. The government needed every individual in America it could force on the “government plan” that is Obamacare in order to pay for those individuals who could not afford health insurance in the first place. It was a wealth redistribution plan along with a plan to control what health care each individual in America received based on age, productivity, cost of treatment, also known as health care rationing. It remains a form of control over the people. Interestingly enough, those that still cannot afford the health care insurance, even with subsidies paid for by everyone else, will be slapped with a “tax” by the Internal Revenue Service for lack of having health care insurance – a tax that will increase yearly.

As it stands now, individuals who previously had health care insurance are looking to be without and “forced” onto an Obamacare compliant plan, Medicaid or to be uninsured paying a “tax” collected by the Gestapo Internal Revenue Service if they cannot afford the exorbitant plan prices coupled with deductibles. Health care information privacy goes out the window as the Internal Revenue Service – an agency who is not connected to health care at all except for “tax” assessment and premium collection – can now access an individual’s health care record. With the past track record of the IRS, all Americans have seen how “honest” this agency has been in its relentless pursuit of Obama’s political opposition and what they term as “political dissidents.”

As the executive fiats expire, more and more individuals and businesses will begin to feel the full impact that is Obamacare. Right now, Americans are witnessing the tip of the iceberg. Many will comply placing themselves in financial dire straits. Others will choose to pay the yearly tax until they can no longer afford it. A few will refuse all together in an act of civil disobedience and face the full wrath of the IRS. Either way, the government gets money that most assuredly will not go into improving health care or assisting individuals with the purchase of health care insurance.

Stating facts and deducing events are not “b****ing and moaning.” It is trying to wake more Americans to the horror that is Obamacare and events that threaten to move this country into more of a communist style of government – a government where everyone but the very wealthy lose and inequality under the law is the standard. It will be moving Americans into the “rule of man” instead of the “rule of law” based on the laws of nature and nature’s God. To be honest, Americans are seeing some “inequality” under the law now.

At this point, America is stuck with Obamacare until states nullify it or Congress repeals it – neither of these cases are likely or it would have already been done. And, there doesn’t seem to be any interest by Republicans to repeal it in the future. The best Americans can hope for is some sort of reform; and, every American knows what that term means in Washington.

So, liberals can take comfort in the fact that “they won.” It was a victory in a battle that no American knew was being fought – Senate Democrats morphed a House bill regarding taxes into Obamacare. However, no victory is without a cost; and, as has been witnessed in the past, liberals are more than willing to incur the cost as long as someone else pays the bill.

As long as this atrocious piece of legislation exists and tramples on everyone’s freedom, the presentation of facts and deducing events, or as liberals say, the “b****ing and moaning” will continue. So, to all liberals, in your own words, “Get over it.”

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