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Storm Area 51 Event: Could It Actually Demonstrate The Power Of The American People?

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Published on: July 15, 2019

So, for those who enjoy good Sci-Fi movies and books, the mysterious Area 15 military installation in the Nevada desert always seems to be at the center of the storyline, whether it’s TV series such as X-Files or big screen movies like Independence Day, there has always been a mystery that surrounds the area and pretty much no one without  the proper clearance gets in.  However, there is now a group on Facebook claiming that they are looking to storm Area 15 in September.

According to the group Storm Area 51, “The won’t be able to stop us all.”

The group states that they are “dedicated to the Storming of Area 51 and the discovery of the truth about extraterrestrial life on earth. History channel is about to get lit after Sept 20th.”

While I admire their optimism, I wonder at just how many will be participating in the event.

There seems to be a pretty large following and support base.

However, more than likely, no one is going to storm Area 51, but there is a growing sentiment that there is an awakening taking place in America.

Commentator Andrew West remarks on that awakening.  He writes:

For the record, the federal government is advising people against going through with the tongue in cheek plans, claiming correctly that security on the base is authorized to use deadly force against intruders.

But raiding Area 51 isn’t really the point, here.  There is something much larger and more powerful behind the memes and the jokes.

What the Facebook event is suggesting is ostensibly true – they couldn’t stop us if we all tried.  There would be enormous amounts of bloodshed, carnage, and destruction, but the American people are more powerful than any security force on the continent.  With enough of us, we will always win.

It is this undeniable truth that forces the mainstream media to divide us.  United we stand, divided we fall.

The idea of disseminating Area 51’s secrets to the masses isn’t a partisan issue – the curiosity comes from all angles of our political world.  This means that we are learning to unite once again, and against a secretive and nefarious government entity…something that our Founding Fathers did in the 1700’s, and something that we may have to endure again in the future.

You see, the wide support shown to this half-joking Facebook group demonstrates that we can be united as a people, and for the good of the people, (given that many people believe that the government is hiding secretive technology at the base that could change life on earth forever).

This unity will terrify the mainstream media and the ruling class in Congress, who need us angry at one another to accrue ratings or to properly galvanize the vote.

Half a million Americans just came together on something that directly flies in the face of government secrecy, and that should be the real takeaway here.

I tend to agree with his assessment, but it will take serious unity to do that and that unity must be around the law and the goals of the law, not lawlessness.

The mentality reminds me of the scene here from A Bug’s Life.

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