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Student Suspended for Videoing Professor Who Claimed Election of Donald Trump was “An Act of Terrorism”

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Published on: February 16, 2017

I’m glad to hear there are still some students in America with some backbone and willing to expose the corruption of their professors.  Recently, an Orange Coast College student videoed his professor claiming that the election of Donald Trump was “an act of terrorism.”  For exposing this ridiculous comment, he was suspended and was told he must write a letter of apology and three-page essay about what happened.

The OC Register reports:

COSTA MESA – An Orange Coast College student who secretly videotaped his instructor making anti-Trump statements was suspended from school and told to write a letter of apology as well as a three-page essay about the incident.

The college suspended Caleb O’Neil for the current semester and the summer term, saying he violated a Coast Community College District policy prohibiting recording someone on district property without that person’s consent.

“It is my hope that this experience will lead you to truly think through your actions and the consequences of those actions when making decisions in the future,” Victoria Lugo, interim dean of students, wrote in a Feb. 9 letter to O’Neil, whose video clips of instructor Olga Perez Stable Cox in December went viral.

William Becker, an attorney representing O’Neil and president of Freedom X, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving religious and conservative freedom of expression, said, “This is an attack by leftists in academia to protect the expressive rights of their radical instructors at the expense of the expressive rights of conservative students on campus.”

So far, Cox has not faced any reprimands for her comments, even though Orange Coast College President Dennis Harkins claims that he would make sure there was an investigation into her comments and what the context was.  How can this be taken with any seriousness regarding context by Harkins or anyone for that matter?  Here’s the video.

She clearly targeted students within the college and quite possibly in the very room she was speaking in when she said that those “leading the assault are among us.”

What’s interesting in all of this is that she made the same comments in three of her human sexuality classes.  LGBT agenda?  By the way, Cox also happens to be lesbian.  Surprise! Not!

It was reported that she had to temporarily leave her home due to threatening mail.  One has to wonder if this is more made up “fake hate” stories by and advocate of the LGBT agenda.

If threats were real, then they are misplaced.  No one’s life should be threatened over these comments, but Ms. Cox should definitely face some sort of reprimand as she is to teach, not advance an agenda.  Sadly, this is what happens in state-funded indoctrination centers.

Many students also posted video, but claimed they received letters that there was insufficient evidence to follow up with them.

“I’m disgusted that they imposed such excessive sanctions against (O’Neil), especially when the student was just trying to document a case where he personally felt targeted by a faculty member and his student rights were violated,” said Recalde-Martinez, who founded the OCC College Republicans.  “OCC can’t continue its persecution of its students and their constitutional rights.  We haven’t backed down yet, and we won’t back down now.”

According to Interim Dean of Students Victoria Lugo, O’Neil was charged with violating Student Code of Conduct against tape recording and unauthorized use of electronic devices in the classroom.

“Unauthorized recording is a serious violation of the Student Code of Conduct,” Lugo wrote. “This is clearly stated in the instructor’s course syllabus in addition to the student code of conduct. When we spoke, you stated that you felt badly about the things that had happened to individuals as a result of this incident. It is my hope that this experience will lead you to truly think through your actions and the consequences of those actions when making decisions in the future. As we discussed, the conduct process is part of the overall college learning process and I do believe that valuable lessons have been gained from this experience.”

Here’s the letter O’Neil received.

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