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Students Tell Anti-Theist Group to Pound Sand – Openly Pray Before Sporting Events

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Published on: August 27, 2015

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that you should do something, but were told that you were not allowed?  This is probably the way the students at a Kentucky high school felt when they were told that they were not allowed to pray before sporting events.  So, as time passed, even the adults longed to have God called upon before their children participate in these events.  Now, the students have finally decided to pray openly, and this has an anti-theist group up in arms.

Christian News reports:

A prominent atheist activist organization has renewed its complaint against a school board in Kentucky after it recently decided to reinstate pre-game prayers—but with the stipulation that the prayers be led by students.

The Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) recently sent a letter to the superintendent of the Bell County Board of Education to ask that it recant its approval of the prayer practice.

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Now, one would think that this would be a big issue as much as this group has made of these prayers.  They claim that what the school has done is unconstitutional, and they claim that they are violating the law.

They write:

“We ask that the board rescind this unconstitutional decision and refrain from injecting illegal prayer at school-sponsored events,” it wrote. “[I]t is surprising … that the school board would knowingly violate the law and bring back prayer before athletic games.”


“The district must take immediate action to ensure prayers are not scheduled at athletic events,” it wrote. “The board must immediately rescind its decision to host prayers before the games, even under the condition that they are ‘student led.'”

The anti-theists are working on bad assumptions.  FFRF has been working on the assumption that the school was facilitating the group.  If the school were assisting this prayer in any way, the group might have a point.  However, the school system has had nothing to do with the prayers.

Christian News reports:

However, according to reports, during a recent booster club meeting, several in attendance stated that they missed having the prayers at the games. The booster club then approached Superintendent Yvonne Gilliam about the matter, who told them that the prayers must be student-led to be permissible.

The following day, a student group called “First Priority” approached Gilliam, who took the matter to the board. The Bell County School Board then approved First Priority’s request last Tuesday.

So, there is a student’s group organizing and leading the prayer.  They choose who is praying and when.  School staff have no say in it and have done nothing to assist.  First Priority was even told that they would have to find their own amplification for the prayer.

Christian News reports:

“They’re basically on their own,” she (Superintendent Yvonne Gilliam) told reporters. “All we’re doing is allowing students the freedom of expression if they so choose.”

It is just like this anti-theist organization to jump to conclusions and threaten.  This is spiritual warfare, and we must pray that God strengthens these young people as they lead a community in prayer.


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