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Students Walkout of Class to Protest Trump Win

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Published on: November 11, 2016

We have heard from both sides of the political spectrum how unique our political system is compared to history and even much of the world. If I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times from those on the TV and Radio News. They were telling all the listeners that the U.S. changes its government peacefully.

And this is very true. Our Founding Fathers did a wonderful job of setting up a system that remakes itself, and without bloodshed. This means, no matter how hard we fight for our beliefs and our candidate, if we lose, we live with it. But it seems that these calls for good sportsmanship were directed at the right.

The Washington Times reports:

Thousands of students and others nationwide staged walkouts Wednesday to protest Republican Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

A crowd of several hundred demonstrators gathered outside the Massachusetts state house clapping and chanting, “Not my nation that I know, Donald Trump has got to go,” while thousands in California, Colorado and elsewhere walked out of class.

Photos and video of the protests could be found online under the hashtag #NotMyPresident, which became the top-trending topic Wednesday on Twitter.

Several other schools experienced the same thing. The youth, whether it is because they are on the take through welfare or just spoiled brats who have never had to work for anything, represent our future.

Most of these students have been duped by the very state education they boycotted today. They have been taught by leftist teachers that every country is the same as the rest and that America became great by exploiting others. And, therefore, we should support the rise of other, oppressed peoples.

Like Muslims nations and the Chinese. But what these useful idiots are not told is that the rise of these nations will mean the decline of our own. So, while they take their diplomas and sweep at a fast food joint, maybe they will think about their choices.

No! That will probably be someone else’s fault too.

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