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Study: The More Experimental COVID Shots You Get, The More Likely You Are To Get Sick (Video)

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Published on: June 10, 2023

Once again, this is nothing new considering the fact that NO “vaccine” has been actually proven to be either safe or effective, but rather they are riddled with all sorts of side effects.  Yet, a new study shows that people who continue to get more of the experimental COVID shots are actually setting themselves up to get sick, and that’s no wonder due to the fact of the dangerous ingredients that have been found in them.

CHD reports:

The more doses of COVID-19 vaccines a person receives the higher the risk of getting the virus, according to a peer-reviewed study by the Cleveland Clinic.

The researchers stated that the increased risk of COVID-19 associated with higher numbers of vaccine doses was “unexpected.”

Commenting on the study, comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore tweeted:

Robby Soave, host of The Hill’s “Rising,” also commented on the study, saying the findings could not be disregarded as “anti-vaccine” because the researchers were not “setting out to disprove the effectiveness of vaccines.”

Moreover, the higher rate of COVID-19 infections among those who received multiple vaccine doses could not be rationalized by the notion that the individuals who received more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were elderly — and therefore already more vulnerable to getting a COVID-19 infection — because the study participants were relatively young.

The study participants were Cleveland Clinic employees whose average age was 42.

The researchers suggested that natural immunity likely played a role in providing protection against COVID-19 infection among those with fewer COVID-19 vaccinations.

Soave said:

“I just keep thinking how the places in our society that are still trying to take this decision [of whether to get multiple doses of the COVID-19 vaccine] away from individuals — like university campuses where the bivalent [COVID-19 vaccine] is going to be required still in the fall … like how naive and unscientific it is to take that decision out of people and their doctors.”

Soave also criticized “the attempts to suppress criticism of vaccines — calling it all misinformation — that has occurred online and elsewhere for the last three years.”

“So short-sighted,” he added.

Soave said the official U.S. public health “approach” to COVID-19 vaccination — that everyone should get vaccinated and boosted — does not make sense because, according to the study’s findings, repeated vaccination does not correlate with greater protection against COVID-19 among young people.

“If you’re a healthy young person, really all you’re doing by getting your fifth or something dose is making it slightly more likely you are going to get COVID,” he said.

Moreover, if you look at what areas of society have requirements for vaccination, he said, it’s mostly “school-aged populations.”

Americans are likely to feel “justifiably outraged” when they read the study, Soave said, adding:

“People are going to feel, I think, so gaslit about all this stuff.”

Watch here:

Dr. Carrie Madej provided The Sons of Liberty Radio with a list of ingredients that were discovered in a vial of the children’s COVID shot.  Listen to the interview below and then check out the documents beneath.

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