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Suicide Bomber Takes Hostages In Bank – Demands To Speak To Trump

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Published on: December 16, 2017

Earlier this week, New York City Islamic jihad bomber Akayed Ullah claimed that President Donald Trump “failed” to protect the nation.  He was followed up on Wednesday by what appears to be a Muslim migrant in Canada, who strapped a suicide bomb vest on himself, entered a bank in Canada and didn’t demand money, but demanded to speak directly to President Trump.

He was summarily taken down.  He’s now dead.

The Toronto Sun reports:

Demanding to talk to United States President Donald Trump, the 25-year-old man had nine bombs strapped to a suicide vest, a detonator in one hand and a gun in the other.

And he was threatening to use his entire arsenal inside an RBC branch — at the corner of Major MacKenzie Dr. and Dufferin St. in Vaughan — where he had up to 13 hostages Wednesday.

“He was waving his gun around,” said a person who was on the scene. “He was not demanding money. He asked for no money. He said he wanted crystal meth and he wanted to talk to Trump.”

He also asked for panicked bank employees to call police.

Police are working to determine whether his arsenal or threats were real. But York Regional Police did not take any chances. After a robot was deployed inside the bank, two officers took him out with gunshots.

Now, nowhere in the report is there mention of this man being a Muslim.  However, there is a statement by police.

“He is Middle Eastern,” confirmed a police source. “I believe he’s originally from Egypt.”

Ok, that’s a start.

One eyewitness said that he didn’t make any religious references, but was unstable.

Well, I’m granting he was probably not Christian.  He’s from the Middle East.  Muslim jihadists are known to wear suicide vests, and he wants to speak to Trump.  My guess is that he’s an Islamic jihadi.  I’d be willing to bet money on it.

Some are calling it suicide by cop.  However, one person was just thrilled that the police shot him.

“I am glad that they did,” said one person who was inside the building before being told to get out by police. “It was a scary situation when a guy has bombs and a gun.”

Police were searching the dead man’s house, spacious, recently built, two-floor luxury home, on Thursday, according to the Sun.

Meanwhile, as Pamela Geller poignantly comments, “More news the sharia-compliant anti-Trump enemedia won’t report on. But the Canadian media is obsessed with my talk this weekend in Canada, trying to get me banned. Not this guy, me. Conquered Canada.”

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