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Supreme Court Increases Chances of Muslim Jihad Attack

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Published on: July 1, 2015

For liberals and homosexual activists, whether they got their feelings hurt has now become the sole indicator of iniquity. If something you or I do causes them emotional discomfort, it is the equivalent in their eyes of physical assault and must be punished by the power of the state. Lawsuit after lawsuit has been filed by the homosexual lobby against Christian business owners on the grounds they were offended by how they were treated.

(It must be noted that treating the hurting of someone’s feelings as an offense does not extend to Christians. They may be insulted, grieved, demonized and vilified at will. In fact, inflicting emotional distress on Christians seems to have become a point of pride for many progressives.)

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This brings us to what the Supreme Court did last Friday. The entire world knows exactly how the “religion of peace” deals with homosexuals: they tie them to chairs and throw them off eight story buildings, and then, if they survive the fall, stone them to death.

In fact, on Friday, the very day the Supreme Court handed down its abominable sodomy-based “marriage” ruling, ISIS threw four alleged homosexuals off the roof of an apartment building, perhaps to stick a thumb in the eye of the United States.

The Muslim world justifies its attacks on the United States because they believe, not inaccurately, that we are the chief exporter of wickedness and decadence in the world. That’s why they call us the Great Satan. When we insult their god, their religion, their prophet, or their values they claim a divine sanction to punish us for our transgressions.

The left perversely agrees with the Muslim world on this score, and is their biggest advocate. When Pamela Geller held her “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland, Texas, and two Muslims shot the place up, who did the left blame? They blamed Ms. Geller. She had provoked, she had incited, she had insulted the “blessed prophet” and thus had brought this violence on herself. She, according to the left, got what she deserved.

But wait. The Supreme Court insulted and offended the entire Muslim world last Friday by celebrating and gushing over a sin that Muslims regard as so offensive to Allah that practitioners must be hurled to their death. (By the way, the great difference between Christians and Muslims with regard to homosexuals is that we want them healed while Muslims want them dead.)

The Supreme Court, perhaps unwittingly and carelessly, just gave the Muslim world another reason to attack us. And a terrorist attack appears imminent, perhaps even planned for this weekend. The FBI has set up command posts all over the country and is taking the threat so seriously that 4th of July leave has been canceled for every single agent.

If Muslims attack us, and refer in any way to our celebration of homosexuality as part of the reason, then according to liberals, culpability must be laid at the feet of the Supreme Court.

They pulled a Pamela Geller on Friday, and brazenly did something they should have known would incite and inflame the Muslim world because it would be so offensive to their value system. And yet they went right ahead and did it with absolutely no sense of shame or regard for hurt Muslim feelings.

So bizarrely, while at the same time we are ordering our Sharia-compliant troops in Muslim countries to show respect for Muslim values by observing Ramadan, our Supreme Court is doing its dead level best to unapologetically trash their values here at home.

According to the worldview of liberals, if Muslims launch another terrorist attack on us, the Supreme Court will be partly to blame. What the Supreme Court did on Friday was inflammatory, incendiary, and is guaranteed to call for an aggressive response from the Muslim world, a response which liberals claimed was perfectly understandable, even defensible, in the Pamela Geller case.

Bottom line: if liberals are at all to be consistent with their own worldview, and want someone to blame for the next Islamic terror attack on the United States, they won’t have far to look.

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.)

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