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SWAT Team Deployed To Cop’s House After He Threatened A Mass Shooting Against Fellow Officers (Video)

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Published on: June 1, 2022

Nephi, UT — Anyone who can apply logic and reason knows that banning guns in the United States will have the sole effect of disarming law abiding citizens while keeping guns in the hands of criminals and cops. There are hundreds of millions of guns on the streets, 3D printed guns get better every day, and enough ammo already made to start a war. The cat is out of the bag and this is a massive wrench in the gear of the anti-gun folks as it renders their entire argument moot.

But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that all guns are pulled from the streets. Somehow, using magic, the state is able to disarm every single citizen and no one has guns any longer. What then? Well now, only the state has guns.

Never mind the fact that this would now make it impossible to resist any future tyrannical regimes but it also ensures that cops — with a history of horrific criminal violence in this country — would be the only ones with guns.

While this seems to be the goal of the anti-gun movement — who aren’t anti-gun at all, they are just pro-gun centralization in the hands of the state — the implications would be frightening. Though statists often think that government is this infallible tool that can be wielded like a magic wand to bend society in their utopian direction, the fact is that government is made up of humans — many of whom are evil and corrupt.

To highlight the problem of only the cops having guns, and how this wouldn’t stop mass shootings, we can look at a case this week from Nephi, Utah. A Saratoga Springs police officer was taken into custody this week after threatening to kill a former supervisor and anyone else who got in his way.

Sgt. Spencer Cannon with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were contacted by the Saratoga Springs Police Department regarding the threats around 5:30 p.m. Monday. A statewide bulletin was issued for Saratoga police officer Jared Chuchran, 42, detailing his specific threats to kill the Saratoga Springs assistant police chief and “hurt any officer who gets in his way,” said Cannon.

A SWAT team was then dispatched Chuchran’s home but nobody was there. Police would later use cellphone tracking technology and found Chuchran holed up at a camp ground 40 miles away in his pickup truck full of weapons.

Because Chuchran was a cop, some of his fellow cops were sent in to negotiate and he was taken into custody without violence. He’s since been placed in a mental health facility.

“Anyone making threats to kill somebody is also an indication they may be a threat to themself,” Cannon said, according to Gerhardt Daily.

According to KSL, Saratoga Springs police confirmed Tuesday that Chuchran was an officer with the department for over 10 years but has not been employed by the city for several months. Police declined to comment on the circumstances surrounding Chuchran’s departure from the department and referred all other questions to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, which is handling the threats investigation.

What this case illustrates is that government is not free from sick people who wish to do mass harm to others. And, while cops threatening to go on mass shootings may seem a little outlandish, TFTP has reported on it several times. Thanks to blue privilege, the cops who do it often receive little to no punishment.

We reported on a case out of Florida previously, when a school cop climbed up on the roof of a school and pretended to pick up a rifle and then took aim at the kids below. He faced no consequences.

We also reported on another cop who threatened “an active shooter situation” at his own department. Detective Steve Begren, thanks to his police officer status, wasn’t even red flagged, much less arrested for these threats — which he made multiple times.

In March of 2020, Stephen Abreu, a narcotics investigator, was arrested and charged with felony attempted murder, reckless endangerment in the first degree, attempted assault with intention to cause physical injury, menacing and a slew of other misdemeanors, after he began carrying out a mass shooting in a Manhattan bar.

At the time, despite this laundry list of charges and attempted mass murder, Abreu was taken into custody and released on no bail. The charges have since magically gone away and he’s never spent another minute in jail.

What these cases illustrate is that taking guns from law abiding citizens will not stop psychopaths from trying to harm others. What it will do however, at least when the cops carry it out, is diminish any chance of actual accountability for said psychopath.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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