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Swedish Government Covers Up Gang Rape Directly Caused by Program That Paid Children to Spend Time with Muslims

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Published on: August 15, 2016

Earlier this month, we wrote about a new program from the Swedish government to promote “multiculturalism.” Basically, the Swedish government started paying Swedish children and teens to spend time with Muslims, with the goal of helping them learn about Swedish culture and integrate into society. While we said that this would be about as successful as trying to evenly mix oil into water and that the end result would be even more rapes and disorder- as though Sweden did not have enough, since it is the “rape capitol” of Europe – the government insisted.

In this most recent case of a brutal gang rape of a Swedish teen girl by migrants, it is interesting to note two things – the girl knew all of the Muslims in question: they were friends (apparently rather recently), but further details of how they met are not being disclosed. This is very odd, since this is usually one of the first things discussed.

The fact that this woman is (a) a teenager, (b) friends with these Muslim refugeees, and (c) how they met is being kept very quiet leads me to ask- Did these people meet through one of these government programs?

If so, it might be one of the first recorded cases where the Swedish government directly facilitated the rape of one of its own by Muslims:

According to documents from the court that Free Times noted there was a rape, as many of the ref_ugee children attended, on Wednesday, just over two weeks ago.Aftonbladet writes that the assault was carried out against a woman in connection with a party.

Ref_ugee children suspected for at least another three rapes and sexual molestation.Two of rape should have taken place on Friday and Saturday, 22 and 23 July.

They are women over 15 years and, according to media reports acquainted with the refu_gees already. Of trial documents shows that there are at least two victims. (source)

The suspected crimes have been made against two people, according to the documents, and according to the police is a matter of women.

Regarding the event, classified as aggravated rape, four young people, guys, been arrested – but released after a decision by the prosecutor referring to the suspects age.
– There have been four detainees where arrest has been lifted, says chief prosecutor Pernilla Åström in Southern Skåne Public Prosecution.
According to documents from Lund District Court is the suspected youth of 15-17 years old.
– Criminal suspicions against them remain, says Robert Loeffel, press officer at the police in Region South.
“Is an acquaintance”
Police said there is no question of any rapes. According to Aftonbladet, at least one rape in which several offenders were involved occurred in connection with a party.
– There is a causal relationship between suspected perpetrators and the victims, but I can not say much more, says Robert Loeffel.
The suspected perpetrators defense lawyers say their clients deny the charges.
– He denies the crime. That he has been released may well have to do with many factors, but above all I think of age. It requires a great deal in order to detain someone who is so young, says Rasmus Loven lawyer representing one of the younger guys. (source)

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*Article by Andrew Bieszad

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