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Taliban Commander Sodomized Teen Suicide Bomber before Sending Him on Mission

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Published on: May 1, 2015

And people actually think that Islamists are against sodomy. A 16-year-old Afghan boy was undertaking a suicide bombing mission, but was captured before he could carry out the mission. In a video confession, the boy told authorities that he was sodomized by at least one Taliban commander before being sent and gang-raped by several Taliban commanders on other occasions.

Bilal, as he has been identified, said that his mission was to be carried out on police headquarters in the Bagrami District of Kabul.

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In the video confession, which was released on Sunday by the National Directorate of Security, Bilal recounts repeated rapes that he suffered and noted that the mission he was sent to carry out, which would have took his life, was scheduled after local residents found out about the sexual abuse. Apparently, this was an attempt to make the issue go away. Perhaps this is the reason many men are murdered by Islamists, who are simply accused of sodomy, but no proof is ever brought forward as to their guilt.

The teen described how one Taliban commander named Abozar taped his mouth and raped him the night before he was to carry out the suicide bombing.

Keep in mind that these Taliban leaders are the same people that the Obama administration want to negotiate with.

National Post reports:

In a statement, the NDS claims sexual abuse of boys is common in the ranks of Taliban fighters and the Haqqani network, an affiliated guerrilla group. Whether that is true is hard to confirm, complicated by the fact that it was the Taliban that cracked down on the disturbing practice of bacha bazi and handed out death sentences for sodomy during their rule from 1994 to 2001.

Bacha bazi, translated as “playing with boys,” involves the prostitution and sexual slavery of young boys among wealthy and powerful men for whom it is a status symbol to have young “dancing boys” who entertain them at social gatherings and provide sexual release in a strictly gender-segregated society. The practice has made a resurgence under the democratic government installed after the 2001 NATO invasion. While still illegal, the law against pederasty is now rarely enforced.

The NDS condemned the use of children as instruments of war and human rights groups have repeatedly called on the Taliban to stop using them as suicide bombers.

This is not the first that we have heard of Islamists engaging in sodomy.

In 2013, a new fatwa was issued, in which a Muslim imam claimed the while sodomy, in principle is forbidden, you can engage in it if you are involved in jihad. Talk about a double standard! And yes, this was captured on video.

Walid Shoebat provided a history lesson of Islamists and their writing in which they speak about sodomy and pedophilia. Of course, we know that the founder of Islam, Muhammad, also engaged in pedophilia with a 9-year-old girl.

A major member of the Islamic terror group Hamas not only sodomized little boys, but also told them that to be sodomized is to follow Islam.

No wonder these devils want to join forces with the community of those who engage in sodomy and attack Christians to silence them in the West.

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