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Target, LGBTQ-RSTUV and the Commandeering of the Civil Rights Movement

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Published on: April 26, 2016

On April 19th, Target announced its “Continuing to Stand for Inclusivity” and commitment towards supporting the Federal Equality Act, which provides protections to LGBT individuals, and opposes action that enables discrimination.  In short, what that means is a man can simply say he “feels like a woman” and enter a women’s restroom or dressing room; and enter even when young girls or women are present.

In response to Target’s stance, American Family Association announced their “I Pledge to Boycott Target Stores” petition. To date, they have nearly 750,000 signatures from those who say they will boycott shopping for goods and services at Target Stores and their website. At the rate they are gathering electronic signatures, they should have well over 1 million pledges by the end of the week and 2 million plus by this time next week.

I commend AFA for the valiant stand they are taking and the common sense minded people across this great nation who have signed on in protest of Target’s reckless disregard for the safety of women and children.  No doubt, when the revenue drop in sales are reported in Target’s quarterly numbers, it will reverberate all the way up to Target’s board of directors, their shareholders and may ultimately cost the CEO his job.

However, the question I have been asking myself is how did we as a nation get to the point that arguing the validity of whether a man who professes to identify as a woman has the “civil right” to undress in a woman’s dressing room or worse, pee in a woman’s rest room.

Well, the answer to that question is the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s for 1st class citizenship for Black Americans.  More to the point, the commandeering of the methodology of the civil rights movement by the radical factions of the homosexual and transgender community.

You see, the homosexual movement gained traction when it was able to get the psychological and academic community to first have homosexuality reclassified from deviant behavior to merely an orientation.  Then, the push was to get medical data that supports one being born homosexual.  That accomplished (inconclusively so, not unlike evolution), the goal was for minority status and claims for special status, as in a persecuted class of people deserving of special treatment, or more to the point “civil rights”.  Couple that with an indoctrination of the populace in public school systems, colleges and universities hoping to cause a culture shift, and today you have the fine mess we are in now.

As an African-American male and a Christian, I am appalled and highly offended at the audacity of my ethnicity being lumped in with what God’s Word says is wrong.  The homosexual community has had the gall to state their plight was and is the same as what Blacks dealt with in the legacy of slavery and oppression in America.

I have not found one piece of history or any artifact for that matter that shows homosexuals and transgenders being locked in the bowels of a slave ship and transported against their will to a foreign land and shackled and whipped into servitude.  I know of no homosexual that was forced into the separate but equal second class citizenship of Jim Crow and systemically denied access to jobs, education, housing, goods and services. In fact, unless a homosexual states he is a homosexual, how would one even know?  The whole world knows of my ethnicity because my “paint job” is there for the world to see.

The Black community in America should be marching in the streets, but not for Black Lives Matter.  Instead, they should be marching in outrage that the legacy of the pioneers of the Civil Rights movement has been trampled and soiled by the radical factions of the homosexual and transgender community and their agenda toward normalization in society.

Second, our current administration at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue seems to have more empathy for the plight of homosexuals and transgenders than it does for the implosion of the Black family, its root cause and the resultant breakdown in our community.

The Black community and all of America need to get angry, but it needs to direct its anger at the leadership in America, corporate and otherwise, that is walking in lock step with the homosexual transgender false doctrine of inclusion and tolerance.  That doctrine is a Trojan horse.  In that Trojan horse is the real agenda, the agenda to silence the Church. Will you stay silent? As for me…..well, I signed the pledge.

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