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Tax-Credit Scholarships Are A Risk To Representative Government

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Published on: July 19, 2019

As a follow-up to my article Choice-The KI$$ of Death, I have written a synopsis that explains the issues with talking points, which may help to begin to unravel the situation with solutions. These papers can be separated and used to go to your legislators to have a conversation about patriotism, loyalty, country, and states’ rights in the Constitution.  Are we are ready to give up or fight? Do not tell me it’s too late. Tell me we can bide more time. Precious time. I have done that in the following white paper.   -Anita Hoge

Introduction: Tax-Credit Scholarships in the Presidents budget and Senator Cruz’s S 634 meld several years of regulatory actions in ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act, which most legislators are unaware of. Title I has a history of serving poor children. That is no longer true. The idea that all children must be served in an equitable basis has lowered most standards into a sieve that forces schools, teachers, and students into a common sphere. There are two systems at work: one is Title I and the other is IDEA. This transformation published in the Federal Register July 2 uses the term school-wide, waiving Federal law to get control of all children in an entire school, and supplement not supplant that forces schools to supplement the tax-credit scholarship. Direct student services are to be carried out by IDEA, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act which will cover all children in a whole school reform under the school-wide umbrella. These issues prepare the road of destruction to a school district’s tax base, elected officials, states’ rights, and supports the exodus of destroying neighborhood schools while giving federal and local/state tax money in a per pupil expenditure to families as a trade off. (Documentation: Full article: )

  • School-Wide Waivers manipulate the 40% poverty count of free and reduced lunch to “0”. A school now transforms every child as “Title I poor and disadvantaged” (instituted by former President Obama in the ESEA Flex Waivers). This makes every child Title I and available for a tax-credit scholarship. This creates the exodus OUT of your neighborhood school.
  • Revamped regulations in Title I called supplement not supplant forces local schools to match the scholarship given to these Title I Children. This 50/50 share of local and state tax money forces your taxes to be regionalized because your tax money is being deposited into multiple schools all over the state or other schools or school districts. Numbers supporting the cost of a per pupil expenditure to educate one child for one year ranges from $12,000 to $15,000 per year. Half will be scholarship. Half will be local/state taxes. This destabilizes local public school financial budgets, which the school ultimately fails. Locally elected officials are disbanded when your public school closes losing your representative voice that controlled the local treasury.
  • Supplement not supplant enables a public school flexibility to combine funds or redistribute funds from wealthy districts to equalize the supplement to federal Title I funds. The impact to this redistribution of tax money impacts property values in wealthy school districts to equalize funding. Not only do citizens lose equity in their property as tax money flows out of their school into another, they lose their voting power when their taxes are regionalized moving us closer to socialism. They lose elected board members when their neighborhood school financially collapses. Parents and citizens are rendered powerless.
  • Tax-Credit Scholarships “follow the child” called Title I portability. A child’s residence and the 50% of local/state taxes also follows the Title I disadvantaged child who received the scholarship. Equitable services called “direct student services follow the child” into their CHOICE school. There are two issues here: (1.) Local tax money and the tax credit scholarship are deposited into an ESA, education savings account, bypassing a private or religious school accepting public money. The money comes from the parent’s ESA. However, the school must accept a federal Title I child who demands Title I services. This is a Civil Rights issue that private and religious schools cannot ignore. (2.) Equitable services for a Title I child must be the same as a public school child. Therefore, Common Core and Social and Emotional Learning follow the child right into that private or religious school. ESSA mandates that each private or religious school will be given an ombudsman that will ensure that each private and religious school complies with ESSA mandates. These schools become chartered. The ombudsman demands accountability. The private and religious school must administer federal assessments, NAEP, ACT, or SAT, etc., that benchmarks Common Core. School-wide supports the initiative of “whole school reform” meaning the entire roster in private or religious schools will be mandated Common Core and direct student services.
  • Direct student services administered by special education cadres, social workers, psychologists, or contractors, funded by IDEA or Medicaid, equitably re-trains private and religious school teachers in behavioral conditioning legislated in ESSA, (RTI, Response To Intervention; PBIS, Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports; MTSS, Multi-Tiered System of Supports; EIS, Early Intervening Services, UDL, Universal Design for Learning; and are all mandated by law as pipeline public services. Reverse engineered curriculum toward psychological standards (social and emotional learning, grit, resilience) and away from academic content has been in the process since former President Obama instituted the ESEA Flex Waivers. ALL children are screened and identified for mental health interventions in a 3-tiered process that will be mandated for all private and religious schools. This federal invasion into private and religious schools is complete with the passage of tax-credit scholarships ushered in through Title I disadvantaged children.
  • The MSIX Migrant Student Information Exchange, student data system (expanded and interfaced with Title I regulations in Federal Register) will be used to monitor scholarship children who move from their school of residence to another school outside of their district. This federal data system combines the state longitudinal data system that collects personally identifiable information, a complete history including health and womb to workforce on our children. FERPA had been weakened (through an Obama EO) that allows 3rd party contractors access to this data for free. With the direct student services and a unique federal ID, data mining continues to collect behavioral and psychological data. All federal departments merged this data and will be used as the new CENSUS, a psychometric dossier on every person that bypasses HIPAA. (HR 4174) The federal government has a complete psychometric dossier of human capital, the worth of each person to the economy that was set-up by the Obama administration.
  • DeVos is sworn to eliminate Blaine Amendments in every state (37) forbidding religious schools to accept tax-credit scholarships in these states that have these provisions in their state Constitution. The US Supreme court is taking on this issue when the Montana Supreme Court voted against tax-credit scholarships going to religious schools. If the Supreme Court sides with DeVos, she will control every school, charter, private, religious, day care center, and homeschool in the entire country. Every school becomes chartered through a charter granting administrator and ombudsman that fall under complete federal control. Tax-Credit Scholarships will destroy the Republic and completely nationalize education in the United States.

Points of Discussion

  • Title I School-wide benefits ALL children not just poor children because of dropped poverty levels.
  • Representative government will be destroyed by eliminating your locally elected representatives through the school-wide exodus of public school children going to a choice school.
  • Federal Tax-Credit Scholarship money goes directly to parental ESA’s eliminating states’ rights to control the budget.
  • Property rights will be revamped by redistributing tax money from wealthy school districts under Title I supplement not supplant.
  • Your tax money follows a child directly into other schools or to other school districts that will regionalize your tax base under Title I supplement not supplant.
  • Per pupil expenditures will be apportioned funds according to a child’s residence.
  • Children will be Common Core/SEL psychoanalyzed and conditioned toward global citizenship through IDEA mandated  equitable “direct student services.”
  • Special education funding has been diverted to screen and implement mental health interventions on normal children in the classroom mandated to be used for private and religious schools as direct student services.
  • MSIX Migrant Student Information Exchange will be used to collect complete psychometric data on choice Title I children who “migrate” to another school from their resident school.
  • Tax-free money for business and industry to access our children as a commodity will have a 100% tax write-off that is staggering.
  • This plan will ultimately control private and religious schools, day care centers, home schools, and charter schools creating a federal taskmaster (ombudsman) for all schools when the Tax-Credit Choice Scholarships are passed in the budget or S 634.
  • Betsy’s plan is to collapse Blaine Amendment bans on public funding of religious institutions while she welcomes religious schools with open arms enabling them to accept public money but controlled by the federal government.
  • US Supreme Court will decide if Montana’s Blaine Amendment is Constitutional this fall if religious schools can accept federal tax credit money-a precedent for the nation that would control all religious schools under the Title I Tax-Credit Scholarships.
  • This vision will destabilize education, destabilize the equity in your property, regionalize your tax base, and collapse the public school system in favor of Common Core, CHOICE, and charter schools forced on ALL schools
  • This system will nationalize education, destroy states’ rights, and allows socialism to emerge controlled through a government compiled dossier on every person, the new CENSUS.

Documentation: Full article:

Thoughts, Solutions, or Actions

  1. Stop the Tax Credit Scholarships in S 634 legislation and in the Trump budget.
  2. Expose and stop the waiver that allows the manipulation of the 40% school-wide definition of Title I children.
  3. Expose and stop the “whole school reform” used to access all children under the school-wide umbrella.
  4. Roll back the supplement not supplant provisions of Title I so that tax credit scholarships would not hamper local taxing authorities. Title I would only apply to help truly poor children.
  5. Expose and stop the data tracking and trafficking of personally identifiable information that was initiated through an Obama EO, that is being collected by the federal government through FERPA, Family Education Rights In Privacy Act, and shared through state level DOE written agreements and MOU’s.
  6. Legislate HIPAA protections for all children in education forbidding FERPA, Family Education Rights In Privacy Act, to collect, track, and traffic health and mental health data to 3rd party contractors and vendors. Stop the data mining.
  7. Expose IDEA, Special Education services; training of regular classroom teachers to identify children and implement mental health interventions on normal children;  funding non-special education students by identifying students for interventions under the scheme of prevention. (direct student services)
  8. Expose and stop the data mining of psychological data tracking and trafficking of students logged into the federal/state longitudinal data system and IDEA behavioral conditioning on all children without informed written parental consent. Re-establish the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment with fierce restrictions on the collection and use of sensitive and personal data collection.
  9. Remove all parameters of the ombudsman as an overseer of private schools and commit them to only submit aggregate data for accountability.

NOTE: Some of these issues do not directly apply to tax-credit scholarships.  However, these issues are vitally important for individual freedom under the 1st Amendment and Civil Rights.

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