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Tea Party Claims Victory After 8-Year Battle With IRS

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Published on: July 22, 2017

After eight long fought years of battling the IRS over its targeting under the Obama administration of Tea Party and conservative groups, there is finally victory. The Albuquerque Tea party has gotten it’s 501(c)4 status.

According to the Amerian Center for Law and Justice, this is a huge win.

“This is a major victory for free speech,” ACLJ said.

WND reports:

The legal team the Obama administration had “orchestrated a complex scheme to dump conservative and tea party nonprofit applicants into a bureaucratic ‘black hole.’”

The conspiracy to delay the conservative groups’ application for tax-exempt status, hindering their ability to raise funds, likely came from the top, ACLJ said.

“Hundreds of documents have been uncovered in recent years that clearly establish that ‘top IRS officials in Washington, including Lois Lerner and Holly Paz, knew that the agency was specifically targeting ‘Tea Party’ and other conservative organizations.’”

ACLJ said December would have marked eight years since the IRS cashed the application check of its client.

“The IRS literally took their money and then ignored their application requesting tax-exempt status for eight long years. This is outrageous. No organization should ever be forced to wait that long for a determination,” the legal nonprofit said.

If you recall, the IRS scandal was declared by Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah to be a “phony scandal.”  Time has proven he lied about that that just like he lied all during his time in the White House.

However, the record was cleared by the ACLJ, who said, “As you may remember, the IRS constructed a special group to send all ‘applications associated with the Tea Party’ to … ‘Group 7822.’ It was apparently designed as a ‘special team’ developed to snare targeted organizations’ tax exemption applications in order to severely limit the impact of their advocacy on the 2012 elections.”

“The IRS was able to protect its politically targeted scheme by hiding its operations and activity behind the hundreds of layers of the bureaucracy festering within the IRS and with the cooperation of other government agencies,” the law firm added.

There’s no doubt that that IRS was following the direction of then IRS head Lois Lerner, who pleaded the Fifth when called to answer questions and testify to Congress.  They simply wanted to control political dissidents from obtaining non-profit status while granting non-profit status to terrorists, including one of Obama’s own terror-linked foundations.

“To be clear, the IRS did not want to approve their application. Last year, the IRS proposed a denial of their application,” said the ACLJ.  “We fought their denial, and we won. This result was long overdue. The targeting, the delay, and this type of unconstitutional discrimination should have never happened.”

It has taken a complete change of an administration to get the approval for the Albuquerque Tea Party, but now they can free act with a non-profit status.  All of this came because of a federal judge’s order to reopen the records on behalf of the groups targeted by the IRS.

in a report on the ACLJ website, the ruling stated the groups are “entitled to seek additional information about the IRS’s targeting scheme.”

“Like the D.C. Circuit, which previously rejected the IRS’s position – essentially a ‘just trust us’ plea without the evidence necessary to back it up – the district court rightly confirmed that the IRS may no longer hide behind its unsupported assertions but instead must turn over information about its discriminatory treatment of these organizations,” the website read.

Finally, there is some bit of justice, now the remaining portion is to prosecute anyone and everyone who had a hand in this criminal activity and make sure they never are allowed to work in government again.  Where are Lois Lerner and Barack Obama’s orange jump suit?

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