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Ted Cruz Puts the Smack Down on Open Lesbian Ellen Page at Iowa State Fair

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Published on: August 22, 2015

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) got into a confrontation with open lesbian actress Ellen Page at the Iowa State Fair on Friday over the issues of Christian faith and those who engage in sodomy.

Page, who is best known for her role in
, wore a hat and sunglasses and appeared to sneak up on Cruz as he was grilling.

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“What about the question about LGBT people being fired for being gay-trans?” she asked Cruz.

Cruz answered, “Well, what we’re seeing right now, we’re seeing Bible-believing Christians being persecuted for living according to their faith.”

“Yeah, for discriminating against LGBT people,” Page shot back like an adolescent.

“No, for living according to their faith,” Cruz retorted. Cruz wasn’t interested in a “back-and-forth debate” with the actress, but did thank her for her question.

ABC news, who caught the video footage of the interaction, added:

The Texas senator, 44, went on to argue today that “no one has the right to force someone else to abandon their faith and their conscience.”

“Imagine, hypothetically, you had a gay florist and imagine two evangelicals wanted to get married and they decide, ‘You know what, I disagree with your faith and I don’t want to provide flowers,'” Cruz posed to Page.

Cruz and Page, both Canadian-born, spoke for over five minutes. Afterward, ABC News asked Cruz whether he knew it was Page and he said no. He described the conversation to us as being about religious liberty.

Cruz tweeted out that he was happy about grilling pork at the Fair, but wasn’t a fan of pork in DC.

Cruz has spoken out on the persecution by Islamists against those who are alleged to be sodomites. I have done the same thing, as under law, one is to be proven guilty either by their admission or at the testimony of two or three witnesses, according to the Bible. Yet, where is Ms. Page speaking out against the totalitarian methods of the Islamic State on people they claim are engaged in sodomy? Her silence is deafening, as is all leftists and Communists.

Obviously, Page is no fan of Cruz. However, I think Cruz’s response was pretty good to put her in her place. Perhaps if her parents had taught her something of manners and morality, she wouldn’t be involved in the abominable practice of sodomy (and yes, that is what it is. Look up sodomite and sodomy in Webster’s 1828).

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