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Ted Cruz Responds to Europe’s Refugee Crisis – Blames Russia & Turkey for Making Matters Worse!

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Published on: September 11, 2015

Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) is speaking out about the Muslim Refugee Crisis that is quickly devolving in Europe. Senator Cruz writes that while we as Americans should always be among the first to show compassion and to lend a hand in times like these, he also argues that we must be realists when it comes to understanding what is actually taking place.

Cruz says that the U.S. should offer whatever aid we can short of taking in large numbers of these refugees ourselves, because the endgame should be to see these innocent victims of war one day returned to their homes. The Senator also lays blame for the ever-worsening situation at the feet of “bad actors” like Turkey and Russia, who, instead of helping to end the crisis, are actively working to make things worse!

It is times like these that the straightforward and no-nonsense nature of Senator Cruz becomes most important. The Senator from Texas is willing to call out the evil-doers, show compassion for those in need and remain grounded and focused on the future. Cruz is once again proving that he has what it takes to lead us, and I become more convinced every day that he is the right man to lead our nation come 2016.

Senator Cruz’s statement on addressing the CAUSE of the refugee crisis in Europe:

“The migrant crisis from the Middle East and North Africa demands our urgent attention. The United States has a long history of response to humanitarian disasters and this should be no exception. Our immediate role should be to support our regional allies who are on the front lines through public and private assistance to the international organizations who are best poised to administer aid.

“In terms of settling the migrants, if the ultimate goal is to return them to their homes, which I believe it should be, it doesn’t make sense from a logistical or a security standpoint to move large numbers of them to far-off countries like the United States.

“Ultimately, we need to address the cause of this crisis or we will just have more and more migrants displaced.

“Bad actors like Turkey’s Erdogan and Russia’s Putin, both of whom have contributed tangentially to this crisis, announced this week that the West is to blame. This is disingenuous at best. The blame should be laid squarely at the door of the vicious, radical Islamism that is tearing communities apart from Libya to Syria and Iraq, creating the terrible circumstances that are causing the migrants to flee their homes. The failure of the United States has been an unwillingness to name and confront this threat.

“The regime in Tehran and their proxies may be Shiite and ISIS and its affiliates Sunni, but they are the cause of this problem. They are branches of the same poisonous tree – radical Islamism. Until we recognize the threat from this savage, twisted totalitarian ideology and develop a coherent strategy to combat it, we will at best be putting a Band-Aid onto a life-threatening wound.”

Senator Cruz has been attempting to lead on the refugee issue from almost the beginning of the crisis, but the Obama administration and the party leadership have seemingly not understood how bad the crisis would become. Senator Cruz’s warnings are now proving to have been prescient, but will the other politicians in Washington now heed his words?

Here’s Senator Cruz discussing the refugee crisis early on in its unfolding from back in January of 2014.

And in February of 2014.


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