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Ted Cruz Warns RNC about 8 State Threshold Rule Change: “Terrible Idea”

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Published on: April 1, 2016

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has come out and stated that he believes attempts to undermine the eight state threshold rule of the GOP would be a “terrible idea” for “Washington power brokers.”

Appearing on the Hugh Hewitt Show, Cruz said, “Those rules say that in order to be on the ballot, you have to have won eight states. Only two of us will meet that threshold — me and Donald Trump. Those will be the two names on the ballot.”

“And I think if the Washington dealmakers try to change the rules to cook the books and insert their favorite dealmaker, I think there would rightly be a revolt of the voters,” Cruz added. “We would have had elections in 50 states, and we need to honor the will of the voters and respect what they decide.”

As it stands so far, Cruz is correct about the states won. Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have each won more than eight states. Trump stands at 738 delegates and Cruz at 463.

No other candidates is even close to winning eight states. Even John Kasich, who I believe is an establishment spoiler, has only won his home state of Ohio.

The problem in all of this is the corrupt Republican National Committee’s own attempt to push forward their own candidate. We’ve already seen former Speaker of the House endorse Paul Ryan (like the people would approve of that after he handed Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah everything he wanted in the Omnibus bill), rumors of Mitt Romney being thrown in the mix, and even Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker admits that in a brokered convention the nominee will probably be someone who is not even running!

This should not surprise anyone after what occurred at the 2012 RNC as what appeared to be a drunk John Boehner overruled what was clearly as strong of an opposition to changing the rules to kick out Ron Paul delegates and control future candidates. Yes, that entire event was just as scripted and against the people at the convention as the Democrat National Convention was on the issue of God and Jerusalem. Still, people think the parties are different (insert shaking my head here).

However, Morton Blackwell, who warned that the RNC’s new rules would change the party for the worse and was kept from speaking out against the new rules in 2012, said, “it’s too late to change the rules fairly.”

“I think it would be potentially disastrous for the party to alienate the huge numbers of Republicans who are not establishment people, and that constitutes the vast majority of the people who participated in these primaries and caucuses,” Blackwell said. “It could hurt the party badly, split people, because it’s a very strong point that they would have changed the rules in order to affect who gets nominated.”

John Kasich seeks to push himself to the forefront by telling FOX News, “When you’re a delegate at a convention and you have a candidate who beats Hillary Clinton in the last Fox poll by 11 points, and we’re going to say that that guy doesn’t get considered? I mean, come on. That’s not going to happen.”

Yet, Donald Trump says that he has a new convention manager, Paul J. Manafort, who worked on conventions for previous presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. According to Trump, Manafort and the team being built by Trump will “bring the needed skill sets to ensure that the will of the Republican voters, not the Washington political establishment, determines who will be the nominee for the Republican Party,”

The problem in all of this is quite simple. The RNC and the DNC are entities that are not a part of the people’s government. They are, to a certain extent, special interests, doing as they please and manipulating the will of the people, as seen in what occurred in both conventions in 2012. The RNC establishment want to keep their power and control and don’t think they won’t silence the voice of the people that support their efforts. They’ve already done it before!

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