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Teen was NOT in Stolen Car When Cop Shot Him While Eating a Burger—He Was on a Date & Innocent

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Published on: October 18, 2022

The excuse used by police to justify the attempted murder of an innocent teen eating a burger in his car has been proven to be entirely made up.

San Antonio, TX — As we reported earlier this month, Eric Cantu, 17, is currently on life support in a Texas hospital and fighting for his life. Cantu was shot multiple times while he ate a hamburger in a McDonald’s parking lot on a date with his girlfriend. His attacker, James Brennand, has since been charged with two counts of aggravated assault by a public official for trying to murder the 17-year-old boy and his underage passenger.

Now, two weeks after Brennand attempted to murder Cantu, we learned that the car Cantu was driving was not stolen. The claims of a stolen car were what led Brennand to open Cantu’s door that night and after confirming that it was, in fact, not stolen, the entire premise for the stop was unjustified.

Brennand also claimed that Cantu’s vehicle had fled from him previously, and again, this was found to be untrue.

“We can confirm that the license plates did not belong to the vehicle Cantu was operating, but again, the vehicle was not stolen. Due to the ongoing investigation, this is all we can provide,” the SAPD Public Information Office said in a release.

As we reported at the time, Brennand responded to a disturbance call on Oct. 2, at a McDonald’s fast food restaurant. Cantu was not the subject of that call and was peacefully sitting in his car eating a hamburger. Despite the fact that Cantu was sitting in his car, harming no one, and eating a hamburger, Brennand decided he was going to attempt to murder the 17-year-old boy just moments after he arrived on the scene.

Brennand falsely claimed that Cantu’s vehicle “evaded” him the week before and called it in as stolen but as stated above, we have since learned this was not true.

Before waiting for backup to arrive and assist him with an allegedly stolen vehicle, Brennand — who had been on the force for only 7 months — decided to walk up to Cantu’s car by himself. He then opened the door, physically attacked the teen, and tried to pull him from the vehicle.

Not wanting to be kidnapped by a raging lunatic, Cantu put the vehicle in reverse and tried to get away. Brennand then used this as an opportunity to fill the teenage boy with holes. Cantu made it about a block away before the vehicle stopped and he was rushed to the hospital. The child in the front passenger seat luckily avoided Brennand’s taxpayer-funded lead rounds.

As a means of justifying the attempted murder of an unarmed teenage boy, after filling Cantu with lead, police then charged him. While in the hospital, Cantu was charged with evading detention with a vehicle and assault on a peace officer. However, as we reported, the charges were eventually dropped as the video clearly showed that Cantu was the victim.

After filling the boy with holes, police claimed Cantu was in stable condition but this is not true and his family has released a statement to clarify.

“We’d like to correct any misrepresentations that Erik is in ‘stable condition’ or he is ‘going to be fine.’ That is not true. Every breath is a struggle for Erik. We ask for everyone’s continued prayers for our son,” the family said.

This week, as Brennand walked free on a $200,000 bail, the family is still praying for their son who is battling for his life.

“It’s been two weeks of pure misery since the day Erik was shot multiple times at close range with a .40 caliber,” the family’s lawyer, Brian Powers, told the Insider.

“The bullets brutally tore through his stomach, liver, diaphragm, lungs and arms,” Powers continued. “Bullets from the two rounds grazed him deeply on other places of his body. His body has suffered so much from the damage and invasive surgeries to keep him alive.”

Below is that video.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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