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Tennessee Doctor Dies Just Days After Pfizer Experimental Kill Shot (Video)

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Published on: January 5, 2022

People, this is not a game!  These shots are killing millions of people and injuring hundreds of times more people.  The latest example is a 57-year-old doctor, who was also a father, husband, and grandfather from Tennessee.

WKRN reported:

“He was a very docile, a person with minimal words, but every time he spoke, they were very impactful words.”

That’s how 19-year-old Alexis Ndina is remembering her father, who said he passed away from COVID-19 just days before Christmas.

The 57-year-old was admitted to St. Thomas Midtown in Nashville a short time after he received his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

“Sometime after his first vaccine and he somewhat brushed it off, usually when he gets sick he gets better the next day and then he was hospitalized on December 7th,” Alexis said.

Following a 12-day stint in the hospital, Dimitri passed away on December 20 from complications.

“They noted that he started to clot in his lower region so from his legs and started to work up,” Alexis explained.

His family is in disbelief, saying he was such a healthy man.

It’s Been 666 Days Since A Pandemic Was Officially Declared…

Sadly, while I know the family is in shock and heartbroken, the fact remains that this man is dead due to the experimental shots being pushed on an unsuspecting public by lying, corrupt politicians, ignorant doctors and nurses and the CIA-controlled Mockingbird media.

There is more than enough information out there to know that what is going on is nothing short of criminal acts in violation of the Nuremberg Code and some people need to hang for these crimes… in the public square.

Additionally, in the report, his daughter said that he would want people to remain healthy.

Good!  But doing that will not come via one of these shots and it will not come via the tests that have known carcinogens in them and are not even supposed to be used for diagnosing anything; and I don’t say that with glee because it is very sad that this man is dead because of the lies he was told.  Remember, the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy and he is a liar.

Yet, here is a trained doctor and apparently, even he couldn’t see through the lies and propaganda and lost his life.

I beg anyone who reads this who is contemplating taking this shot for any reason… don’t do it!  Resist!  Even if you have to get another job or move to another area.  Resist!  Your life may just depend on it.  This doctor’s did.

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