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Terrible Car Accident in Kuwait Demonstrates the Importance of Wearing a Seatbelt

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Published on: November 17, 2014

While I’m not one that thinks the state should command others to wear seat belts, I do believe it is wise to wear one and using that wisdom just may save your life, or an arm or leg.

In a video I discovered today, which claims it was captured in Kuwait, an out of control car careens across a busy highway as young people are lined up just off the pavement.

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As the car skids sideways, it hits a curb and begins to roll over several times ejecting a couple of people. One man can be seen launching upwards and toward the crowd missing an arm.

Limbs can also be seen being thrown from the car as well as the car crushing many of its occupants.

It appears as though there were no survivors.

As if cars weren’t enough, a bus accident that happened in May of 2014 killed at least 13 blue collar workers via decapitation or injuries to their heads.

Let this be a lesson to always put your seat belt on to protect yourself against enduring any of this and, in addition, take our time in our travels being extra careful when we are on the road.

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