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Terror Group CAIR’s Christmas Card Con

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Published on: December 29, 2014

In yet another sign of its hypocrisy and cynical manipulation of the American people, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, designated a terror group by the United Arab Emirates and tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, sent out a press release on Christmas Day, crowing about Christmas cards that it received. Color me skeptical (or should I say infidel?).

The clumsiness of the CAIR press release started with its title: “Christian Supporters Send Xmas Cards to CAIR.” The term “Xmas” is insulting to Christians, and CAIR is apparently unaware of that, or indifferent to it.

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Also, check out the cards. The professional handwriting is practically the same on every card. I have received scores of Christmas cards, and I can tell you, the handwriting on most of them is human, not Hallmark. Further, none of the cards CAIR displays is signed with the names of people. One is signed, “From a Christian.” Yeah, right. Who signs Christmas cards like that?

Same handwriting. No names. It amuses me that Hamas-CAIR would pull a stunt like this. I can just see Nihad Awad and Ibrahim “Honest Ibe” Hooper staying up late licking the envelopes.

When Oklahoma Muslim teen Rifqa Bary escaped her family after they discovered she had converted out of Islam and threatened to kill her, it was Hamas-CAIR that worked furiously to return her to that fatal household. We fought more vigorously (and successfully) to keep her safe. One of our initiatives was a Christmas card campaign for Rifqa. She received hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Christmas cards. Her family and their CAIR-linked lawyers, in collusion with CAIR itself, sought to seize these cards via a court order. They worked hard to see that Rifqa did not get her Christmas cards from concerned Americans.

Our initiative said, “Show Rifqa she is not alone. Send her a Christmas card. Tell her you are praying for her.” Hamas-CAIR didn’t want this courageous ex-Muslim girl to receive this encouragement. They wanted her to feel isolated and alone.

They lost. We won. But CAIR’s sudden love of Christmas cards is as transparent as its true agenda. CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history, the Holy Land Foundation trial, when the Holy Land Foundation was shut down for funneling charitable donations to Hamas.

Yet last Monday, CAIR announced that its “representatives met with U.S. government officials about a recent move by the United Arab Emirates to add CAIR and the Muslim American Society to its list of ‘terrorist’ groups.” CAIR and MAS declared: “”The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS) met with senior U.S. government officials regarding the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) recent inclusion of the two legally-operating organizations on a list of groups it considers to be terrorist entities. The two American Muslim organizations and the U.S. government pledged to work together to achieve a positive solution to the UAE designations.”

What “senior U.S. officials” are meeting with designated terror groups? Name them. The American people want to know. Who is “pledging to work” with Hamas operatives?

CAIR’s agenda is clear. In the wake of the recent jihad onslaught and an epidemic of beheadings and mass executions in the cause of Islam, jihad support groups and Muslim Brotherhood organizations like CAIR work the next phase of the jihad against freedom and non-Muslims.

That, too, is jihad.

In a public relations stunt, Hamas-CAIR claimed to condemn the beheading, but it did not condemn the Quranic verses and Islamic texts and teaching that call for such slaughter. So the condemnation was empty, transparent rhetoric. Why aren’t American Muslim groups running programs across the U.S. to stop Muslims from going to the Middle East to wage jihad? Where are the Muslim initiatives to expunge the Quran of the violent texts that teach/preach jihad?

A number of parents and concerned members of the Muslim community spoke to this very thing several years ago, at Peter King’s hearings on Islamic jihad. Muslim groups like CAIR derided and attacked King. The parents and community members who spoke were attacked by Muslim Brotherhood Rep. Hakim Muhammad (aka Keith Ellison) and jihadist Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR. What are the Muslim organizations and communities doing to fight jihad?

What programs have Muslim organizations and mosques instituted to combat this? What programs are currently being offered at schools and universities to deprogram, denounce Islamic jihad and the bloody, unfathomable toll it has taken on humanity?

Hamas-CAIR is not on that. It’s too busy writing itself fake Christmas cards.

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