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Texas Mayor Doubles Down on Islamists Who Want Sharia in Irving: “I’m Not Going to be Bullied”

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Published on: March 25, 2015

Irving, Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne has caught the wrath of Islamists. However, instead of doing what a lot of politicians usually do, Duyne has doubled down and, at least in this instance, conducted herself as a stateswoman. Following the outcry and backlash from Islamists who want Sharia law in America, Duyne warned, “I’m not going to be bullied.”

Last weekend, Walid Shoebat covered what took place down in Irving. He wrote:

The intense national spotlight on Islam has shifted to Irving, where Mayor Beth Van Duyne has accused mosque leaders of creating separate laws for Muslims and the City Council voted Thursday to endorse a state bill that Muslims say targets their faith. (You can practice your so-called ‘faith’ in 56 countries. Pick one)

Dallas News: The dispute has made Van Duyne a hero among a growing movement that believes Muslims are plotting to take over American culture and courts. “It fuels anti-Islamic hysteria,” said Zia Sheikh, imam at the Islamic Center of Irving. “Her whole point was to rile up her supporters. … The problem is we become the whipping boys.”

The mayor stands by her statements, including an interview with former Fox News host Glenn Beck last month, when she said Sheikh and other imams were “bypassing American courts” by offering to mediate disputes among their worshippers according to an Islamic code called Sharia.

The mediation is advertised as voluntary, nonbinding, and in harmony with the law. But it has led Van Duyne to back a bill by state Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano, that would forbid judges from using foreign law in their rulings.

While the bill does not mention religion, Leach has singled out the Islamic mediation panel as a “problem” it will solve. The wording is largely identical to that in a previous bill pitched by another lawmaker as a way to stop the influence of “large populations of Middle Easterners.”

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Let’s be honest here. One cannot dismiss the fact that Irving is the outpost for the Sharia Tribunal that was set up in Dallas. However, for years, many have tried to force foreign law on America, including some of the member of the US Supreme Court. Nevertheless, there was nothing in the bill that mentioned sharia, Islam or Muslims. Yet, who produced a temper tantrum? It was the Islamists. It wasn’t good, law abiding Texans. It wasn’t Christians. It was the followers of Muhammad, who have been told by their imams in Texas that they are above the law.

The aforementioned Sharia Tribunal has already found itself in trouble after they falsely claimed the four members of the tribunal were “attorneys.” See? Even on their website, these people are engaging in taqiyya in order to deceive and advance Islam.

Instead of doing what they “say they believe,” the Islamists of the area were outraged about the bill. However Mayor Duyne said, “This bill does not reference Shariah, Islam or even religion. It has nothing to do with preventing any tribunal,” Van Duyne told the crowd. “Why anyone would feel this is hatred or bigotry is absolutely beyond me.”

Mayor Duyne encouraged Muslims to “respect, obey and embrace” the laws of Texas and the United States. Instead, Islamists decided to oppose them. The Irving Islamic Center, in particular, refused to join her in supporting the bill.

“That mosque had an awesome opportunity to stand hand in hand, saying, ‘yes, we aren’t just telling you to your face that we are upholding Texas laws, but we are willing to support a bill and put it in writing.’ Not only did they miss that opportunity, but they opposed it,” she told TheBlaze.

“As an elected official, I took an oath that I would fight for and defend the constitutional rights of residents and I’m going to continue doing that,” she added.

“I’m not going to be bullied into backing down by useless labels, unnecessary labels,” she concluded.

As a result of the attacks by Islamists and leftists who are using them as a political battering ram, Ms. Duyne posted recently on Facebook:

Recent events have put me under attack and I need your help now! Stand with me to help me fight for conservative values and the Constitution.

Posted by Beth Van Duyne on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Well done Ms. Duyne! Well done. It will take people with courage and conviction to oppose such devils as those who would seek to force Islamic Sharia on the people of the United States.

As a final note to Islamists who may read this article, there are at least 56 countries that practice your Sharia. If that is what you want to live under, I’m sure the American people would be more than happy to purchase you a one way plane ticket to the Islamic country of your choice so that you can bask in the “freedom” that Sharia provides you.

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