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Texas Patriots Posts Addresses of Muslims & Muslim Sympathizers – Exposes Media’s Hypocrisy

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Published on: November 28, 2015

Has anyone seen the mainstream media take on the Southern Poverty Law Center concerning their hate list, in which they post individuals and organizations that they are opposed? No? I didn’t think so. However, it seems the media gets in a frenzy when someone uses their own tactics against them to do the same concerning those with an ideology that is clearly anti-American and anti-Christian. Such was the case recently with the group of Texas patriots known as The Bureau of American Islamic Relations (BAIR), who recently stood armed outside a Texas mosque to protest Islam and later posted addresses of Muslims in the area and their sympathizers.

The Dallas News reported:

The organizer of a recent armed anti-Muslim protest at an Irving mosque published the names and addresses of dozens of Muslims and “Muslim sympathizers” online Wednesday.

David Wright III copied an Irving city document that included the personal information of people who signed up to speak before the City Council voted in March to support a state bill aimed at blocking Muslim influence.

Wright, who organized Saturday’s armed protest against the “Islamization of America” outside the Irving Islamic Center, posted on Facebook “the name and address of every Muslim and Muslim sympathizer that stood up for … Sharia tribunals in Irving.”

The post was pulled shortly after it was posted.

Irving police spokesman James McLellan said that he had not received any complaints about the post.

“If we do receive any contacts or concerns from anyone involved, then, of course, we will respond appropriately,” he said.

The question is, what would be appropriate action? To say that information that is public knowledge cannot be posted on social media? Or would it be to take a United Kingdom approach and go arrest Mr. Wright?

Shortly after posting the list of names and addresses, Wright also posted, “We should stop being afraid to be who we are! We like to have guns designed to kill people that pose a threat in a very efficient manner.”

Obviously, the post is meant to promote defense, not the murder of anyone. In fact, the Dallas News adds, “Wright and other members of his group, the Bureau on American Islamic Relations, say they carry guns only in self-defense and weren’t trying to intimidate anyone at Saturday’s protest. But they are convinced that the U.S. is due for violent conflict with Muslims.”

However, on the other side of things, many threats have been leveled at Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne and the Irving Police. This is partially why BAIR protested the mosque.

Dallas News said they couldn’t find any evidence of such threats. I would suggest they speak with the Irving Police Department.

City Council member David Palmer believes the list was posted to intimidate, but supports the groups rights to protest. He even went out to the protest. Sadly, he is ignorant of the teachings of Islamic worship.

“I went out there … to observe,” he said. “I fully support their right to protest, their or anyone else really, to protest. What I felt uncomfortable about was that they needed to bring weapons to a place of worship.”

Of course, designated terror and Muslim Brotherhood front group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) had to chime in also.

Alia Salem, executive director of the Dallas/Fort Worth branch of Hamas-CAIR said, “This is the first time I’ve been slightly alarmed. As bad as things have gotten in the past, and especially recently, this is the first time where I see people taking this public.”

“I don’t want to give them any credibility at all, but at the same time when you are publicizing people’s names … I’m trying to take this in stride,” she said. “It doesn’t seem to be getting much traction, and we are definitely getting support — people are horrified.”

Horrified? Does anyone recall the totalitarian methods of this woman in blocking the entrance of journalists into the Stand with the Prophet conference in Garland, Texas back in January of this year after they paid to be there, and then attacking them afterwards?

No, what should horrify people is the establishment of Islamic Tribunals in Texas. What should horrify people is the expansion of Sharia in the united States. What should horrify people are the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood, who Alia Salem is a mouthpiece for, to destroy America from within. What should horrify people is the demonic doctrines of Islam and its 1,400 year track record. But no, many Americans are embracing such things and rejecting the truth of what our foundations are as a nation.

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