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Texas Sheriff Comes Under Fire for Cross Decals on Cars

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Published on: December 27, 2015

Once again, we have some wishing to interfere in affairs that have little or nothing to do with them personally. If Christians were to gather in a group and raise money to fight atheists, they would cry foul. This would be seen as discrimination. But, if you are in the majority in this country, you are the one in the wrong. And one Texas sheriff has discovered that it no longer matters how small your community—the Liberal eye is everywhere.

Christian News reports:

A prominent professing atheist group is seeking to stop a Texas sheriff from placing cross decals on his deputy vehicles out of its assertion that doing so violates the U.S. Constitution.

“Displaying a Latin cross on Brewster County Sheriff’s Offices’ patrol vehicles violates the Establishment Clause,” staff attorney Sam Grover wrote in a letter to Dodson on Monday. “It is inappropriate and unconstitutional for a government entity to display a Latin cross on its property because it conveys a preference by the sheriff’s office—and by extension, Brewster County–for religion over non-religion and Christianity over all minority faiths.”

The FFRF is based in Wisconsin, and this has no bearing on them or their members. This means that, unless there is a complaining party in Brewster County that they represent, it is unlikely that they will have much traction in doing more than complaining. It is likely that this is the reason that there is no overt threat of a lawsuit. But, there is a lot of speculation in their letter.

Christian News continued:

He asserted that some citizens who contact the police for help might become offended and feel inferior when they see the decals.

“These citizens should not be made to feel offended, excluded and like political outsiders because the local government they support with their taxes oversteps its power by prominently placing a religious statement on government vehicles,” Grover wrote.

FRRF subsequently asked that Dodson abandon his plan to place the cross decals on deputies’ vehicles.

Once again, rather than addressing the issue with facts and Constitutional law, the unbeliever must resort to emotion and imagination. He opines that there might be someone somewhere in Brewster Texas that would be offended by the crosses, that they might be so bothered by these stickers that they would be hesitant to call for help, as they would feel like outsiders.

Let me first say that this is a ridiculous way to address this issue. It is farfetched to believe that there is someone in any state, much less West Texas, that would feel this strongly about a sticker. It is even less likely that they would even think about the sticker while in the midst of a judicial emergency.

If these imaginary people were inclined to consider the faith and practice of the people tasked with service and protection, they would come to the same conclusion, with or without the crosses. It would not take a genius to figure out the logical progression that would lead to the same conclusion.  It being apparent that a vast majority of the surrounding population being professed Christians, a large percentage of the police force is likewise professing Christians.

This would mean that in the final analysis the crosses would do little to ease or upset the mind of the atheist. If they are afraid that Christians will serve them less or differently because of their lack of faith, then simply do not mention that when calling for help.

This would also mean that they are suffering from some kind of phobia. It is, if we look at history, irrational to think that Christians will refuse to help those who differ from them. And though it is not clear what the sheriff will do, the removal of the crosses is unlikely to allay this phobia.


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