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The 5-Year Descent & Crash Of The Boy Scouts

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Published on: February 20, 2020

This week, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after mounting sexual abuse claims and allegations of sexual misconduct by adults within the organization. Apparently, sexual abuse settlements have severely strained the BSA’s finances; this has been exacerbated by some states having recently passed laws that allow victims to sue for damages even if the abuse occurred outside criminal statutes of limitations.

The bankruptcy filing temporarily halts hundreds of lawsuits the BSA is currently facing.

According to Seattle lawyer Michael Pfau, who has represented hundreds of Boy Scout victims in over two dozen states, the cases represent “thousands of perpetrators” and “tens of thousands of victims.” By all accounts, BSA is handling the situation as gracefully as anyone could under the circumstances, with plans to set up a compensation trust and pledges to provide “equitable compensation to victims.”

Apart from acknowledging the undeniable ignominy of this once highly respected organization facing hundreds of lawsuits stemming from the sexual abuse of children, one next wonders how an outfit with a 110-year history of teaching boys how to become virtuous men and good community stewards wound up plummeting from such heights.

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Submitted for your consideration: In July of 2015, the Boy Scouts of America announced that it was lifting its national ban on homosexual adult leaders. This came after years of activist pressure, during which the BSA was encouraged to admit homosexual Scouts, Scout leaders and, finally, girls to their ranks.

whether the BSA brass believed they had no choice in knuckling-under to LGBTQ activism, or whether a preponderance of the leadership supported the LGBTQ agenda is anyone’s guess. Having so dutifully capitulated to the PC Mafia however, it’s highly unlikely that we’re going to see a BSA spokesman in front of a news camera saying, “Well, you let all these f*****s into the organization, and of course this is going to be the result.”

True though it may be …

Some may remember the contrived, self-serving doctrine the LGBTQ lobby trotted out when parents and others voiced concerns that allowing homosexuals to serve as scoutmasters and to occupy other positions of authority might lead to an increased risk of children being sexually abused: Gay men don’t molest boys; it’s straight men who are the pedophiles.

Well, we now know this to be patently false. Homosexuals were allowed into the Boy Scouts. The BSA is now experiencing an epidemic of sexual misconduct and lawsuits. This was not the case prior to their admittance of homosexuals into the organization.

At this point, denying the correlation is as irrational as denying the existence of gravity.

As I’ve said before: The LGBTQ agenda is being driven by powerful elites who know that a sexually dysfunctional, gender-confused population is easier to control than a morally grounded one. Their constituency is comprised of the sexually dysfunctional, gender-confused people who’ve been cultivated over the last few decades. The latter have been encouraged to believe that their sexual proclivities and malignant activism are unalienable rights.

Last week in an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, biologists Colin M. Wright and Emma N. Hilton asserted that that sex is binary and there is no “gender spectrum,” as LGBTQ activists and their supporters have arbitrarily declared.

I find it chilling that we need biologists to remind us of that fact at this juncture. Inasmuch as the left’s stock-in-trade (and by extension, that of the LGBTQ lobby) is deceit and intimidation, however, there are millions of Americans who are now willing to deny thousands of years of biological imperatives and history, embracing the profoundly conceited worldview that we can simply unravel our societal fabric at the whims of a handful of deviants without consequence.

In fact, this perverse paradigm has even corrupted many conservatives who resisted aspects of the LGBTQ agenda 30 years ago, but who can now be heard to say, “Well, there’s nothing wrong with being gay. …”

I doubt that any will admit it, but such conservatives have simply bowed to peer pressure and the intimidation of the left. As far as the detrimental impact their capitulation has produced in our society goes, they prefer to remain in denial than risk censure – which makes them only slightly better than the rabid activists they criticize.

Those on the left will no more admit a correlation between instances of sexual misconduct in the Boy Scouts and the admission of homosexuals into the organization than they will acknowledge a correlation between violence perpetrated by Muslims and the fact that they are Muslims. The fact remains, however: When you foster moral ambivalence today, you wind up with a greater degree of moral turpitude tomorrow. This has been maintained by theologians, philosophers and historians alike for millennia.

We reap what we sow. We now have replete empirical evidence for this, and that the “cultural experiment” which began with the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s has failed miserably.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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