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The $700 Quintillion Completely Unattainable Gold Nugget

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Published on: July 5, 2019

It’s said there’s as humongous bounty out there just waiting to be exploited and it will make all of us unimaginably wealthy. 

From Outer Places:

The asteroid Psyche 16 is a very special space rock: it’s almost entirely made of metal, including iron, nickel, and gold, which has led astronomers to believe that it was originally the core of a planet. It’s also estimated to be worth around $700 quintillion—enough to give each of the 7.6 billion people on Earth about $92 billion each. You read that correctly—$92 billion each. 

I’m sure many folks, saddled with student loans and other bankster scams to shift all wealth upward—an effort supported by our “representatives”—salivated hugely, as Trump might adjectively intonate, upon the discovery of this rock of potential yet completely unattainable wealth. 

And yet we’re told there will soon be a 21stcentury gold rush to capitalize on this asteroid and other strewn rocks big and small (relatively speaking) chock full of precious metals, as well as iron, platinum, and water. 

From Oil Price: 

Mitch Hunter-Scullion, founder of the UK-based Asteroid Mining Company, tells the BBC that this is definitively the next industry “boom”.

“Once you set up the infrastructure then the possibilities are almost infinite,” he said. “There’s an astronomical amount of money to be made by those bold enough to rise to the challenge of the asteroid rush.”

Good luck on that one, Mitch. Recall the asteroid belt is located between Mars and Jupiter. It is proving exceedingly difficult for humans to plant a flag on Mars, let alone reach a sprawling accumulation of rocks around 56 million miles from earth. 

Call me a conspiracy nutter, but I believe humans will have a difficult time passing through the Van Allen Radiation Belt without massive sunburn and insta-tumors. And even if they do, transporting a large amount of equipment needed to extract this treasure will be nearly impossible.

I had to laugh at the share the wealth aspect of this fantasy venture. First and foremost, such a gargantuan influx of wealth would crush the world economy. 

Secondly, can you imagine space mining operations owned by transnational—trans-space?—corporations sharing the wealth? Psychopaths never have enough money and power and hoarding this wealth—even if it were attainable—would be the primary objective, the same as it has been since the first agricultural surplus.

On a similar note, can you imagine corporations, after they have robotized human jobs out of existence, using the profit gained to feed, clothe, and shelter humanity in some big socialist wet dream?

No, neither do I.

Article posted with permission from Kurt Nimmo

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