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The Audacity of Trump: GOP Front-Runner’s “Boldness is Setting People Free”

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Published on: February 1, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is shaking up politics like no other person in recent history.

Liberals loathe Trump because he flies in the face of political correctness. Establishment RINOs are stunned by how he ran circles around their candidates to become GOP front-runner. Many conservatives despise or distrust Trump’s “New York values” – he doesn’t fit rigid “conservatism.”

But Donald Trump courageously fights for what he believes. Despite what elitists say, Trump is awakening and inspiring the American people.

Donald Trump shattered the intimidation that shut down honest debate in our country. For eight years, fear prevented harsh rebuke of Barack Obama because of accusations of imaginary “racism.” The same cowardice shuts up speech on illegal aliens who disrespect our law, or on Islam, which violates life and liberty. Oppressive courts force Christians to participate in homosexual “weddings” or lose their livelihood. Republicans control Congress, but do nothing to stop the evil assault on freedom.

Americans watch their country and Constitution be obliterated, and feel powerless. Trump’s boldness is setting people free. The people have been made mute by their fear and anger. Trump is not bound by these debilitating emotions. Seeing Trump’s example, people are beginning to find their own voice, and come to appreciate his. And he is exposing lies and liars across the political spectrum with shocking clarity.

So I’m surprised when I hear conservative men and women whom I love, admire and have worked with over the years recoil at Trump’s coarse masculinity and think him too lacking in conservative Christian values. I differ from these well-meaning, but misguided patriots.

Serious people are frightened by Trump’s seeming looseness on moral issues like abortion and homosexuality. Unserious people mock his perceived lack of knowledge of the Bible. Abraham Lincoln, who grew up religious, shunned church-going and was criticized for unorthodox religious views. Some say Lincoln’s love for our fallen soldiers at Gettysburg inspired his final commitment to Christ. Trump, likewise, has always cared for our veterans. Lincoln is revered and rightly considered one of our greatest presidents. Therefore, isn’t it shortsighted to dismiss Trump because he doesn’t fit into our religious box?

Because of conservatives’ vomit-inducing “niceness,” fear and weakness, Obama’s wickedness has emboldened the powerful to inflict much damage on our country. We are more divided now than when the Civil War took place. Donald J. Trump’s imperfect genuineness and audacity is uniting decent men and women, black and white, Republican and Democrat, across the country.

Some are bothered by Trump’s divorces and multiple marriages. Ronald Reagan divorced and remarried, but became one of the greatest and most beloved presidents of the 20th century. Solomon with wisdom from God made his kingdom greater than his father, David, had, although his personal downfall was foreign women and their gods. David himself committed great sin in office. Did God not know the moral failing of these men when he established their kingdom?

Some accuse Trump of having an “LGBT agenda.” He does not have a hidden agenda like Barack Obama, no “social justice” delusions of Bernie Sanders, and no nasty liberal ambitions like Hillary Clinton. He does not pander like John Kasich. He’s not a pushover like Chris Christie. Trump is not smooth and slick like the untrustworthy Marco Rubio, nor a rehearsed politician like Ted Cruz, who has changed positions under the shadow of Trump on immigration, trade and refugees but calls himself a “consistent constitutional conservative.”

I see Trump as sincere, but misled on social issues; thankfully, social issues are not remotely Trump’s hard and steadfast priority – protecting the people and the country is. Perhaps with newfound courage and power in a Trump presidency, Christians can influence his decisions on those moral issues we care so deeply about. He’s wrong on a lot of things, but he seems practical and fair-minded, even if he may lack some biblical and constitutional understanding. Trump is shrewd and sharp, and yet seems to be the most open, honest, direct and forceful candidate running – exactly the traits we have been lacking and wanting in this country.

Some conservatives say Trump is “demeaning to women.” We should not participate in liberal feminist thinking to attack Trump. Trump is a real man who cannot be intimidated. Women who know Trump respect him. Donald Trump’s children appear to be decent, responsible adults who honor their father and that says a lot. “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them” (Matthew 7:20).

Evil hates truth-tellers. Black “leaders” and liberal media hate me for telling the truth about the blacks. In my book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood,” I show how blacks suffer because their men are morally weak, not because of “racism.”

I do not know what Trump would do as president, but for now, he’s breaking the spiritual bondage in America. Observe how this man deals with critics and attacks. He exposes detractors by standing firm without worrying about the outcome. Boldly telling the truth is the first step to make America great again.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Article reposted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of Sons of Liberty Media.

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