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The Barbary States & India Sought Again For Islam

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Published on: December 7, 2019

In July 1625, 20 Muslim pirates ships from Morocco arrived in England seizing 27 English ships and hundreds of Christian slaves. By the end of 1625, the English had lost 1,000 ships and many people became working slaves and sex slaves and many were forced to convert to Islam.

One Slave, Robert Adams, recounted his slave days in Morocco as hideous.

He lived on a short ration of bread and water, laid in a dungeon with some 200 people side by side in a hole in the ground with one small opening for light.  Every day they were beaten to push them to convert to Islam – so much for free will and peace.

In 1743, the English Parliament ordered Christian churches to take up collections to pay ransom to the Barbary pirates.

In 1660, the Moroccans were targeting American colonial ships for booty and slavery, all in accordance with Islamic law, even to this day.

This would later instill President Thomas Jefferson to not pay ransom, but build the US Marine Corps to defeat the Muslims in Tripoli.

In 1501, Sultan Sikandar Lodi, once again, began the plunder of India, killing and destroying everything in his path.

He butchered many, took many prisoners and destroyed the vegetation.

Everywhere he destroyed a temple, he built a mosque, just like today.  This is the same reason they wanted to build a mosque over the World Trade Center.

It has been estimated that Islam, as ordered by the Quran and Mohammad, have killed 60 million Christians and 80 million Hindus. It is not a religion, but a political, militaristic philosophy bent on world domination for the purpose of money, power and sex with their subjects taken as slaves. It’s a man’s world where even Mohammad said most people in Hell will be women. It’s not peaceful but attempts at an appearance of peace to subdue via terror and deceit.

Islam means submission. You submit, which is to covert, die or become a slave and pay the jizya life tax.

The plunder in India was so great that in some wars, every jihadi soldier became rich in gold, silver, jewels, tents, horses and slaves.

The sultans kept the elephants for themselves, of course.

Every Muslim leader claimed that all the killing and plunder taken was in accordance with Islamic law.

There was one exception,  Akbar the Great.

He learned from the religions he had captured in his conquests and banned the mention of Mohammad in public prayers.

In 1582, he broke from Islam, rejected Muhammad as a prophet and replaced himself as a type of Mohammad.

He put together a religion derived from Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism and Christianity.

He forbade the eating of beef, forbade naming any child Mohammad and no one could build new mosques or repair old ones.

He made his own religion with himself as a prophet.

He died in 1605 and his new religion with him.

His son Jahangir, however, continued in the Islamic ways and continued the gross slaughter in India.

He even stated: “With all the human race, with all of God’s creatures, I am at peace” – all the while killing thousands. Amazing hypocrisy!

He would trade Hindu peasants for horses and dogs.

He played a game called “Kamargha” in which guards surrounded a wooded area and everything within its boundaries was prey, not peaceful with all humans as he so boldly proclaimed – blood sport!

Jahangir died in 1627 and his successor Shah Jahan continued the slaughter of the Hindus. He too was fond of sex slaves. Such atrocities continued from one Islamic leader to the next throughout the 17th and 18th century.

If you have gotten anything from these series, it’s that Islam, the Quran and Mohammad authorizes killing, raping and pillaging for the purpose of riches, sex and world power.

The same is true today, but with more stealthily means.

They can’t conquer us militarily, but they can invade from within which is exactly what they are doing.

Their goals have never changed in 1400 years, but the barbaric treatment of the Hindus was terrible.

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