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The Congressional Solicitation & Pimping Of America’s Children

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Published on: May 27, 2020

WARNING: This episode will deal with a topic that is sensitive for little ears. If you are a parent listening with your children, please be advised we will be coving a topic aimed at your children by our government, but we will not be gratuitous in it. However, it is not a topic for little children. Therefore, we strongly advise that you listen as a parent to be informed and act on. Lynne Taylor will be exposing how the CCSS Machine has joined the watering down and cheapening of sex and manipulated it into sexuality. This isn’t new news. We’ve seen the news and read how parents are fed up with the over-sexing of their children in educational resources. We’ve seen the federal government join in, too. Bill after bill, law upon law, and our taxpayer dollars used to fund it all.

Articles and bills mentioned in this episode, as well as further resources provided by Lynne.

Congressional Solicitation Of Our Children?

HR 2720 (Real Education for Healthy Youth) I’ll need to you have pages 21-23 on the screen to show the folks.

S 1964 (Mink/Slaughter Gender Equity in Education Act)

HR 2775 (Protecting LGBTQ+ Youth Act)

HR 3280 (LGBTQ+ Essential Data Act) data collection on dead citizens.

The Yogyakarata Principles (2006):

The 2017 updates:

FOR LISTENERS/VIEWERS and their research:

From my archives, the “Pardon Me?” article from the 115th Congress’s Real Education for Healthy Youth.

Also from the archives, the look at the Mink/Slaughter Gender Equity in Education Act from the 115th Congress.

Lastly, from my archives, the darker side (global sexuality) of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math)

To read the 2013 TN Research paper on LGBTQ+ PAC organizations:

To access the UN gender identity/sexual orientation resolutions America’s signed:

Alice M. Miller’s 2000 Harvard paper:

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