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The Crusades: Jihad Must Be Stopped!

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Published on: November 29, 2019

Pope Urban II called for the first crusades in 1095 to stop the Muslim atrocities and advances. He asked that Christians to the East send foot soldiers “to destroy that vile race.”

By 1096, the “People’s Crusades” consisted of 30,000; however, they were not military men and the Turks completely destroyed them without mercy.

Peter the Hermit also gathered imposter Christians who sought booty over protecting Christians. They wanted to exterminate the Jews in Germany and line their pockets with booty. Their rationale for wealth was that the Jews killed Jesus, therefore, it was warranted.

Had these “so-called “ crusaders traversed Europe with the help of the Jews, they might have changed history and been much stronger.

This disunity only strengthened the Muslim’s military abilities.

Muslim historians listed the barbarisms by the crusaders’ killing 100,000 in Antioch; however, not that many people lived there.

These exaggerations of atrocities were useful tools in their recruitment efforts.

As a result, Muslims saw the crusaders as animals and beasts just like the Quran 8:5 stated.

Though there were atrocities committed by the crusaders, the Muslims only saw theirs as justified.

The jihadis in Spain, France, Italy and Asia Minor were a testament of what to expect anytime Islam went to war against the We history.

On July 15, 1099, the crusaders entered Jerusalem.

The Saracen Muslims fought hard all the way to the temple of Solomon where they were killed or taken prisoner. They then went throughout the city seizing all manner of gold, silver, horses etc. that the Muslims had. \

It was estimated that in that battle the crusaders killed 20,000-30,000 people in the city.

Muslim historians embellished that event to 100,000 people, which, of course, the city did not hold.

The crusaders’ history is not without blemish, but war never is, especially after hundreds of years of it with the same people – Muslims.

In the 1180s, a Muslim from al-Andalusia visited the Crusaders’ domain on his way to Mecca. He reported that Muslims were living better in the Crusader lands than they were in Islamic lands, which is still true today.

To preserve Muslims from temptation to live in peace with infidels in a better life, jihad was once again begun to completely destroy the Christian lands – living better in peace with infidels was a sin!

As a result, many wars were fought and Antioch fell by jihad warriors once again in 1268, Tripoli in 1289 and Jerusalem in 1291. There were several crusades prior to this and some were defeated outright, but some were defeated by the sedition of fellow crusaders.

Prior to this time, Saladin arose as a jihad commander. He took Egypt, made the Christians Dhimmis and forbade them from riding a horse or mule.

Saladin became a folk hero to Muslims conquering many lands.

His vision was global jihad.

He died in 1193, but his goal of worldwide jihad continues in others even to this day.

As a result, Pope Innocent III called for a 5th crusade because in his words: “a son of perdition has arisen, the false prophet Muhammad, who seduced many men from the truth by worldly enticements and pleasures of the flesh.”

His crusade was defeated.

There were others fighting the Muslims, as well.

Hulagu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, sacked Baghdad and toppled the caliphate in 1258. Hulagu’s mother was a Christian.

Two years later, Christian Mongol leader Kitbuka seized Damascus and Aleppo for the Mongols. Arghun the Mongol attempted to unite the Christian kings and leaders to fight against the Muslims, but once again the distrust and lack of unity among the Christian Europeans lost a chance to change history and defeat Islam. By the 14th century they controlled the Middle East.

What the crusades did accomplish from the time Pope Urban II called for the first crusade in 1095 until 1291 is that there was no jihad into Europe.

Those lands controlled by Islam continued their enslavement, killing and the making of sex slaves.

The crusades allowed the reformation, the Enlightenment Period and the foundations of modern society.

As author Robert Spencer said: “ It would not be until the twenty-first century that the free societies created out of this intellectual ferment would again be seriously imperiled by the forces of jihad”.

So today, many believe the lie: Islam is peaceful.

Taken from Robert Spencer’s book “The History of Jihad.”

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