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The Deceit of Muhammad

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Published on: November 18, 2019

“I have been made victorious with terror” were some of the last words of Muhammad before he died. His simple message he used to accomplish his own goals and self-aggrandizement was “There is only one god and Muhammad is his prophet.”

Many rejected him.

However, being extremely deceptive and yet illiterate, he managed to make Islam more about him and his political and military goals.

Early in his self-proclaimed prophethood, Muhammad’s own people of the Quraysh tribe of Mecca rejected him and his quasi religion.

Muhammad responded by suggesting warfare against anyone who doubted him being a prophet – especially the Quraysh. He threatened to slaughter them and he did – not just to the Quraysh but to the entire world for fourteen hundred years.

He would often change the rules of his god, Allah, to accomplish his goals.

Muhammad sent men to raid a Quraysh caravan (“This is the caravan of the Quraysh possessing wealth”- were the words from the mouth of Muhammad), but they attacked during a sacred month when fighting was not allowed.

Muhammad explained that away- his troops’ actions were less of a sin (Fitnah= persecution) than were the unbelieving Quraysh – so it was OK (change one).

He accepted the booty from winning the battle, which previously would not have been allowed.

He won that battle and claimed Allah was with them and claimed anyone of them who died during war went to heaven.

However, the Quraysh attacked them later and won and defeated Muhammad’s army and Muhammad was bloodied. Muhammad promised a victory that didn’t happen.

He then stated his army’s desire for booty instead of pleasing Allah was the reason they lost (change two).

Later, Muhammad turned his wrath on the Jews.

This new revelation from Allah to Muhammad stated they could break treaties he had made with them (change three).

The Qaynuqa Jews told Muhammad not to deceive himself – he was not a prophet.  However, Muhammad destroyed them.

His own converts didn’t want this done because they had business deals with the Jews.

So, Muhammad said it was OK to break their agreements.

Muhammad stated: “ Kill any Jew that falls into your power.”

In another new revelation, Muhammad said that Allah told him that it was divine terror that had defeated the Banu Nadir (Jews), and that they (Jews) were all bound for Hell.

The Quran says in three places (2:62-65; 5:59-60; 7:166) that Allah transformed the Sabbath-breaking Jews into pigs and monkeys. Nothing has changed to this day.

Very little of Islam is religion.  It’s about what Muhammad said and did – it’s about killing, conquering, and deceiving, which is exactly what Muhammad did to accomplish his goals using Allah as an excuse.

Muhammad encouraged his army to put to death the men, but use the women as sex slaves and young boys as slave booty.  Even today, they emulate Muhammad’s commands. That’s why they rape in Europe and any country they enter.  They follow Muhammad’s example.

Muhammad continued his war with other Muslim groups, always taking their booty and not keeping his word with treaties.

If he did let people go, they had to leave behind their gold and silver and leave only what they could personally carry.

Some farmers begged to stay and offered Muhammad 50% of their crop, hence the start of Dhimmitude, but they had no rights and could be killed or driven off anytime at Muhammad’s command.

Muhammad took the best looking women, whose husbands were killed for his personal sex slaves.  One such woman was Sagittarius, who went from being the wife of a Jewish chieftain to being the wife of the man who murdered her father and husband in a single day.

Muhammad’s army conquered Mecca, which rejected him.

Muhammad told Heraclitus, the eastern Roman emperor in Constantinople to convert or die.

He did the same to the ruler Khosrau of the Persians.

Muhammad had another revelation, most likely from Satan himself, to fight against Christians and Jews until they converted or paid the “Jizya” tax, basically making them slaves.

How different from Jesus, who offers salvation by faith, not by killing and being killed in order to get 72 virgins in Muhammad’s paradise.

So, the war against Christians was ordered in 631 AD to raid the Byzantine Empire.

Muhammad’s revelation, again, was that there is no greater reward in heaven than to die in Jihad.

Can we now understand why Muslims cannot be trusted concerning treaties and their desire for the world’s people and wealth to be in their hands?

Throughout the Muslim world, rulers and their people were said to convert to Islam out of fear and terror.

The Jizya tax was important to Muhammad because it gave him a steady income from his conquered people. Raiding and booty was too inconsistent.

Muhammad died in 632AD and participated in 27 battles – once again proving that Islam is not so much religion but politics and war which all good Muslims must immolate.

Like Hitler, Muhammad’s world domination continues today.

Following Muhammad’s death, arguments erupted about who should be his successor.

The one who won was Abu Bakr. Many rejected him and Islam itself.

So began the apostasy wars, but that’s another story.

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