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The Deep State Plan to Remove Trump: The War has Begun, and the Deep State is Winning Battles

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Published on: December 1, 2018

(The Olive) The Deep State’s war against Donald Trump has begun in earnest.  The Politicrats have retaken the House and plans are already in place to obstruct, obstruct, and obstruct some more.  The Politicrats will without a doubt attempt to shut down all investigations into Hillary Clinton, Obama, the FBI, the DOJ, and all other Clinton crime machine cronies.  At the same time, there are already plans to launch numerous investigations into all things President Trump.

Politicrat: a politician whose goals are to consolidate power for themselves at any cost, as well as personal enrichment, and upholding the party line.

Now, however, things are getting a little more serious.

Take a look at this headline running at USA Today:

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump and Russia: Prosecutors document series of lies by president’s former fixer 

“Cohen made the false statement to minimize links between the Moscow project and (Trump) and give the false impression that the Moscow project ended before the Iowa caucus and the very first primary in hopes of limiting the ongoing Russia investigations,” Mueller’s team said in court documents Thursday. (source)

This, of course, had the desired effect, and Democrats are promising a “reinvigorated” investigation of Trump/Russia collusion.  The national media is almost wetting itself in excitement over this.

Democrats pounced, promising reinvigorated investigations of Trump’s Russia dealings when they take over leadership of the House of Representatives. (source)

Have we not had enough of this Russia collusion nonsense?  Mueller and his gang of Politicrat Trump haters (they are independent you know) have wasted upwards of 30 million dollars of taxpayer money.  Now, these clowns are set to waste even more money – your money.  These so-called investigations are not going to stop anytime soon either, oh no, mark my words here – the Politicrat investigations into Trump are just getting started.  The Cohen plea deal has just thrown gasoline on a raging fire, and the firefighters (Republicans) are nowhere to be seen.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano had this to say on the Michael Cohen plea deal – “Napolitano said Cohen’s new guilty plea is “the tip of the iceberg,” and the rest of the iceberg is in Mueller’s office.” (source)

Breaking now is the federal raid on a powerful Chicago alderman whose law firm apparently represented Trump for more than a decade.

From Fox News:

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that approximately 15 agents arrived at Edward Burke’s office in Chicago City Hall with cardboard boxes at approximately 7:30 a.m. The paper reported that the agents asked everyone in the office to leave and taped brown paper over the windows. Another team of agents showed up at Burke’s office in the city’s 14th Ward and papered over the windows there. The Sun-Times reported that the agents left the ward office with a cardboard file box, a computer and two computer monitors. The paper’s report added that agents left Burke’s City Hall office approximately seven hours after they arrived, doing so by a back way to avoid waiting reporter. (source)

The scope of the investigation is apparently unknown – the fact that this alderman represented Donald Trump and the federal raid of this alderman’s offices happened on the same day as the Michael Cohen plea deal – well that sets off alarm bells in this writers mind.  This seems to me to be an orchestrated attack on President Trump.

The national media, or should I say the fake news media is already having a field day with all of this.  ABC news is reporting with breathless glee that in light of the Michael Cohen testimony and plea deal, Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump Organization could be pulled into this political conundrum.

Rep. Adam Shifty Schiff was quoted by ABC News as saying: “We believe other witnesses were untruthful before our committee,” Schiff told ABC News on Thursday. “We want to share those transcripts with Mr. Mueller.”

The Republicans had best dig their heads out of the sand, remember where their backbone is located – and get in the game and do something about this.  The damage is already being done with much more to come.

The Politicrats can commit all manner of crimes and they get away with their crimes, after all, the Politicrats have the support of the lions share of the national media, the largest and most influential social media organizations, as well as the largest and most powerful search engine host in the world, Google.

If the Republicans, the conservatives, the American Church – and anyone else who cares about the literal survival of America – doesn’t get it in gear and stand up to these un-American terrorists, America is finished.

What do you think about all of this?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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