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The Democratic Agenda: Nothing Burger of the Century

(True Conservative Pundit) God hung the world on nothing; the Politicrats are hanging themselves on nothing too.

What exactly is the Politicrat agenda you ask?  Nothing, absolutely nothing.  The Demwits have no agenda to speak of whatsoever.  They have no future direction or agenda to address let alone deal with America’s ills, no legislative accomplishments, and are without a leg to stand on.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Yeah, yeah, there is plenty of noise about a proposed infrastructure deal, but this writer would be surprised if this deal has any legs.  It is being reported that the Dems are really after a climate change appropriation camouflaged as an infrastructure deal; oh, and they will throw in some actual infrastructure with the supposed deal.

Democrats and their RINO helpers have in the past shown a willingness to take any and all money supposedly earmarked for roads and spend it on their “special interests.”  This new infrastructure deal is not at all about infrastructure – in reality, it is nothing more than a somewhat tamed down version of AOC’s Green New Deal.  God help us if Trump allows this deal to go forward without ironclad guarantees.

Take a look at this quote concerning a letter, which according to Conservative Daily News, was sent to Trump via Nancy no-mind Pelosi and Chuck-you Schumer on this very topic:

In fact, the letter does not contain any mention of roads, bridges or highways, but instead urges Trump to ‘go beyond transportation’ and include spending for climate change, housing initiatives, public health and ‘clean energy.’”

This is typical Democratic tactics, couch their true aims in a bill that the complicit mainstream media will advertise and present to America as must-have beneficial legislation when in truth it is nothing more than another Politicrat spending spree on stupidity.

Next up: According to The Daily Caller, Adam shifty-Schiff is calling on AG William Barr to resign:

House Judiciary Chairman Adam Schiff is calling on Attorney General William Barr to resign for allegedly giving ‘deliberately false and misleading’ testimony to Congress last month.”

This claim by shifty-Schiff was made despite the fact that Mueller himself; who, “expressed concerns” about AG Barr’s letter to Congress on Mueller’s conclusions concerning the Trump/Russia collusion probe – apparently called AG Barr and informed him that he did not find Barr’s letter to be misleading or inaccurate, according to the Washington Post.

Then we have the Muslims in Congress.  Maybe that does not seem like a problem to many, but it IS a problem. These Muslims do not support the U.S. or its people – rather they support Islam.  They, therefore, fit right in with the Politicrats who are too cowardly to rebuff their often times hateful statements.  Remember Ilhan Omar’s ant-Semitic comments?  Or how about her comments on 9/11 – “some people did something.”  We can plainly see how distressed Omar was over the attacks on her fellow Americans that resulted in the deaths of thousands of people from these Islamic terrorist attacks.  Omar in this writers opinion is no American.

In Omar’s latest hate-filled, ignorant, and stupid rant, she proclaimed America will not be the nation of white people – while proclaiming that President Trump is to blame for the rise in anti-Semitism as well as being at fault for the recent attack on the Poway Synagogue.  Yes – the very president who has supported the Jewish State all along and even moved the American embassy to Jerusalem, proclaiming to the entire world that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

All this coming from the one who said Israel has no right to exist and that Congress was being paid off to support Israel – AND is in bed with terrorist organizations such as CAIR.

The Politicrats have no clear legislative agenda that benefits America, and they have no clear solutions to America’s problems.  Instead, there is never any true attempt at teamwork, rather the Politicrats engage in subterfuge, lies, misdirection, character assassination, Trump bashing, incitement of violence against Christians and conservatives, (while they accuse Trump, Crenshaw, and others of inciting violence by simply telling the truth) and politically motivated attacks.

One has only to look at the content of the mainstream media’s news stories to see the truth of all of this, actually just reading the headlines lays it all out as plain as day.  If it is a question or a concern as to the Politicrats; everyone else is lying, out to get them, participating in wild conspiracy theories, engaging in Trump cronyism, or are simply too stupid to see the truth – which by the way includes We the People.

If on the other hand, the questions raised concern the Republicans, conservatives and/or Christians; well hold on now – don’t anyone dare to doubt the Politicrats who are above reproach.  This same people group according to the Politicrats are always, always guilty until proven innocent.  Just look at the Trump/Russia collusion investigation, supposedly there is to be clear evidence of a crime before a special counsel is called to investigate.  Except that there wasn’t any, evidence that is.  But when you are NOT a Politicrat, well, to Hell with evidence, who needs evidence right?

This author has written extensively on what the Politicrats stand for, and it is nothing good, and nothing that will help America – only what will help advance the Politicrat agenda which coincides with the coming One World government – destroy America while handsomely profiting from doing so.

The Democratic agenda is the nothing burger of the century.  There is no agenda unless you call Trump Derangement Syndrome an agenda.  The Politicrats have one thing on the table, and one thing only – a vendetta of biblical proportions against President Donald Trump.  This vendetta rules their every waking moment, it fuels their every decision, and it dictates their every move and every action that they take or do not take.

These are your Democrats and RINOs America, how much longer will you tolerate them?  The time to take action is NOW; support those who fight against these un-American traitors.  Sign petitions against them, call, email, and write to your representatives in Congress, vote them out of office.  Make your voices heard America before it’s too late.

Greg Holt

Since 2014, Christian news magazine The Olive Branch Report has featured the insightful writing and reporting of Greg Holt. His writing has been featured on American Prophet, American Clarion, Eagle Rising, Capitol Hill Outsider, Sons of Liberty Media and others. Greg is also the Publisher and Editor of Inspirational Christian Blogs.

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