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The Double Standard Liberals Ignore

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Published on: November 12, 2019

I believe that most Americans have been aware of the double standard that is rampant in Washington, D.C.  The Democrat Party constantly holds the Republicans to a tougher as well as a higher standard than they hold their own Party members.  In fact, they almost never hold their own party to any standards at all.

Case in point Representative Alcee Hastings was found guilty of “perjury and bribery, and that he had fabricated his defense” and was impeached.

The trial committee presented its report on October 2, 1989. Sixteen days later, the trial began in the U.S. Senate, with prosecution and defense given two hours to summarize their cases. The Senate deliberated in closed session on October 19, 1989. The following day, the Senate voted on 11 of the 17 articles of impeachment, convicting Hastings, by the necessary two-thirds vote, on 8 articles (1-5, 7-9). On two articles (6, 17) the vote fell short of the required majority to convict. On article 11, the Senate voted 95 not guilty to 0 guilty. Having achieved the necessary majority vote to convict on 8 articles, the Senate’s president pro tempore (Robert C. Byrd) ordered Hastings removed from office. 1

Four years later, in 1993, he was elected to the US House of Representatives and has been in office ever since.

One has to ask why was he allowed to continue to hold public office after the offenses he was found guilty of?  The only reason that makes any sense is there are no standards for the character of the politicians in the Democrat Party.

Then in 2009 Representative William J. Jefferson, who was caught on camera accepting a bribe and the marked bills were found in his freezer, pleaded not guilty and was allowed to stay in office while the trial was held and even ran and won re-election before he was found guilty and sent to prison.

Former congressman William J. Jefferson was convicted of corruption charges Wednesday in a case made famous by the $90,000 in bribe money stuffed into his freezer and a legal battle over the raid of his Washington office that reached the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Federal jurors found the Louisiana Democrat guilty of using his congressional office as a criminal enterprise to enrich himself, soliciting and accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to support his business ventures in Africa. The eight-woman, four-man jury convicted Jefferson of 11 of 16 counts that included solicitation of bribery, racketeering, and money laundering. 2

I can assure you that if he had been a Republican, Democrats would have demanded he step down as soon as the charges were filed.

For years we have heard the Democrats say that voter fraud doesn’t exist when any intelligent person knows that it is rampant. In all the years I’ve followed this subject I’ve seen one Republican that voted in two states because he owned property in both states.  But for the most part, it is the Democrats that commit the fraud the most.

A man paid to register Virginia voters prior to the 2016 Presidential Election will spend at least 100 days in prison for submitting the names of deceased individuals to the Registrar’s Office.

James Madison University student Andrew J. Spieles, 21, of Harrisonburg, pled guilty Monday in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia. As part of the plea agreement, Spieles agreed to a prison sentence of 100 to 120 days.

Spieles worked for Harrisonburg Votes when he committed the crime, according to acting United States Attorney Rick A. Mountcastle.

Harrisonburg Votes is a political organization affiliated with the Democratic Party. 3

Judicial Watch has been forcing the issue of voter rolls being full of illegals and dead people and because of a law suit several states have had to clean up their voter rolls:

Judicial Watch announced today that in June Kentucky mailed address confirmation notices to 250,000 voters who are believed to have moved, thanks to a consent judgment agreed to by the Commonwealth. These registrations are probably outdated and will be canceled if the voters fail to vote in future elections or to confirm their current addresses.

The Judicial Watch victory in Kentucky is in addition to the Judicial Watch victory in California, where up to 1.6 million inactive names are set to be removed from voter registration rolls in Los Angeles County.

In the consent judgment, Kentucky acknowledges that the state is not in compliance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA): “[T]he practices currently in place in Kentucky do not comply with the NVRA’s requirement that states conduct a general voter registration list maintenance program that makes a reasonable effort to remove ineligible persons from the voter rolls due to a change in residence outside of the jurisdiction …” 4

If you try to tell me that this didn’t offer an opportunity for massive voter fraud, I’d have to call you a liar.  Florida’s 2018 election shows just how these lowlifes work.  They did it with Al Franken several years back when he initially lost then miraculously boxes of ballots were found and ALL of them were for Franken.  Republicans Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis looked like they had won the Senate and Governor election in Florida on Election Night.

Scott and DeSantis had won their races by just tens of thousands of votes.

However, the margins were wide enough to avoid an automatic recount.

But then the Democrat voter fraud machine kicked into high gear.

Democrat strongholds in Broward and Palm Beach counties announced they had suddenly discovered tens of thousands of votes.

Of course, these newly discovered ballots provided an avalanche of votes for the Democrat candidates.

Scott’s lead shrunk to just over 13,000 votes, while DeSantis led by less than 40,000 votes.

Republicans cried foul.

And with good reason.

A progressive activist tweeted out a video of ballots being loaded onto trucks in the middle of the night.

There was no chain of custody for these ballots. 5

When we look at the voter rolls, in general, we find that there are 3.5 million more voters than are eligible to vote.

Some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America’s adult citizens. Such staggering inaccuracy is an engraved invitation to voter fraud.

The Election Integrity Project of Judicial Watch — a Washington-based legal-watchdog group — analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011–2015 American Community Survey and last month’s statistics from the federal Election Assistance Commission. The latter included figures provided by 38 states. According to Judicial Watch, eleven states gave the EAC insufficient or questionable information. Pennsylvania’s legitimate numbers place it just below the over-registration threshold. 6

There is no doubt that Democrats have proliferated this situation and even defended it in the courts.  Attorney General and I use that term loosely with this AG, Eric Holder sued every state that attempted to clean up their voter rolls during the Obama years.  Holder even refused to prosecute a black woman that admitted voting more than once.  Yet no one in Congress from either Party rose up to fight back against this.

This is what happens when we no longer are engaged as people in our government.  If we are not engaged, we can’t correct corruption when it occurs because we will not be aware of it.  New Mexico’s Harding County had 62 percent more registered voters than they had breathing adult citizens.  That’s a 162 percent registration rate. 7 Why didn’t the courts demand verification of these votes?  Why do we allow this violation of our election system to continue?

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