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The Educratic “Can” Kicked Down The Road

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Published on: January 11, 2021

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, if you missed my last interview on The Sons of Liberty, my host and I went over the plethora of educratic overreaches in the omnibus bill recently signed into law by out-going President Trump. HR 133, or now, Public Law 116-260 , and, was supposed to be a COVID relief package.

As you’ve probably seen all over the news, by now, it’s a pork belly project buyer’s delight! With just under 5,600 pages, it has taken days for me to comb through this nightmarish set of, now, codified into law, mandates.

However, as you know, my expertise is in education. I urge you to take just over an hour and listen to all the educratic garbage PL 116-260 contains.

Several of the listeners have asked for a Part Two. That will air January 13, 2021.

If you don’t have just over an hour to spare, below is a brief summary of what I’ve found. Warriors, we need to know this, because the educratic can that’s just been kicked down the road to President-elect Biden, will NOT BE GOING AWAY. Unless Biden repeals PL 116-206, everything within those almost 5600 pages STICKS.

PL 116-260, Formerly HR 133:

Warriors, if you would like the link to be able to comb through this mega page monster, here’s the best link I can find from

Unless you really want to read all 5,593 pages, use this shortcut to search the document; press down on your ‘control’ key and the “F” key at the same time, once you open the document. You should be able to see a small search box appear. Simply type in whatever you are searching for.

Here are the search terms (with the number of appearances) I used in my quest for uncovering the educratic cans of the CCSS Machine being used in the name of “COVID relief”.

Education: 919 timesSchool: 330Career: 29 (Look at the ones for ‘career tech education’); Global: 297 (will cover more than education); Science: 297 (look for STEM spelled out: Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math OR STEAM spelled out: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and, Math); Math: 26Emotional: 5 (look for it in relation to SEL, Social Emotional Learning); Assessment: 371 (most will be connected to education, however, some won’t); Block Grants: 11 (many of these are tied to education via the ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act, the HEA, Higher Education Act, and WIOA, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act); IDEA: 21 (focus only on the references to the funds for special needs students); Higher: 329 (look for the Higher Education Act or higher education institutions); Technology: 612 (many of these are connected to data tracking us, both in education and health care. ESSA ensured this would be easier to do by reworking the Medicaid funds received which allowed schools to be recognized as partial hospitals for wrap around services, or WASPs); Elementary: 37 (will mostly be used in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, ESSA’s former name); Sustainable: 26 (will, by default be tied to the United Nations’ SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals); Learning: 53 (look at the number of times ‘loss of learning’ is featured); Algorithms: 8 (every one of the uses is bad and is embedded in education and health care, especially where they meet); and, UN (United Nations) is embedded 6 times. Pages 1261 (twice), 1262, 1263, 1510, and 2571.

lazy_placeholderWarriors, as far as the costs, trillions of dollars. Our taxpayer dollars! Going into unconstitutional departments, expanding the federal government, setting up a debt load several generations will not be able to pay back, and, all to continue to takeover our lives.

PL 116-260 is also going after our rights to privacy, free speech, and right to bear arms. What’s also dangerous is that the new Congress, the 117th, already has at least 10 bills introduced that will somehow either stop you from being able to protect yourselves, or limit it like never before.

Meanwhile, the federal government will buy more shotguns and expand the federal agents in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

  • See Page 161: Bureau of AFTE *Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives*, $1.4 billion
  • (then refer to the 117th’s HR 121 to expand Bureau by 200 more fed agents)
  • Page 162: Bureau’s green light to partner with other fed agencies
  • Page 197: Instant Background Checks under the Justice Working Capital Fund, $12 million
  • (probably will attack First Amendment too, as far as privacy.)

Then, consider 117th’s HR 38, who can conceal/carry; HR 137, mental health of gun owners, HR 135, feds tracking gun owners, HR 167, gun shows, and HR 125, expands waiting time during checks)

  • Pages 244-245, gun trade with Canada (could rope in 117th’s HR 95, silencers no longer firearm defined and thus impacts taxes, as well as HR 30, public awareness of gun trade)
  • Page 247, fed gov’t firearms to include shotguns
  • Page 364, national database for ID related to firearms (possible tie to 117th’s HR 127, restrictions on license/ammo)
  • Pages 529-530, US Courts and Justice, $5.4 billion
  • Page 669, Secret Service $2.3 billion
  • Page 994, Sec. of Labor can hire law enforcement
  • Page 1004, no Medicaid funds can support guns in any way
  • Page 1081, no funds from HHS, Labor, or Ed can promote guns

Warriors, while no Medicaid funds or funds from the Dept. of Health and Human Services, Dept. of Labor, or Dept. of Education can be  used to promote guns, each of these Depts. will do all they can to discourage the 2nd Amendment. The CCSS Machine already has taken great effort, time, and, money to weave into curriculum how awful guns are and how evil those with guns are. The Constitution isn’t being taught properly! The fact that Medicaid funds go for cognitive assessments for ALL children, in public schools and all related programs for those in the community. Those assessments include Social Emotional Learning as well as label children in mental health (most of the time these labels are incorrect but the ESSA mandate for quasi hospital status OF our schools for the entire community’s benefit has also been reauthorized under PL 116-260 via Section 317.)

Public Health Act (making COVID protocols a standard operating procedures for future pandemics). The amount of AI (artificial intelligence), infrastructure modernizations, and bigger technology are all woven into the COVID protocols and will be most visible in education, health care, housing, commerce, energy, transportation, justice, defense, the Treasury, and, Transitioning America.

The 117th Congress also has bills which will amend current laws like the Social Security Act (especially where abortion providers are excluded. HR 188 and possibly connected HR 142), The IRS Tax Codes, once more are changed (HR 195 and HR 202) Dividing Immigration and Citizens (HR 140), making Daylight Savings Time permanent (HR69 and HR 214, remember that God gave us time and the government shouldn’t be allowed to mandate it), Slave reparations (HR40), more money for STEM workforce geared education (HR 29, HR 144, HR 156, HR 210), Permanently extend the CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program (HR 66, CHIP funds are used in funding streams from the federal government to your State government), the HEA (Higher Education Act) will be reauthorized (HR 177), making a new federal holiday called the Worker’s Memorial Day (HR 150), Abolishing the death penalty (HR 97) and making lynching a hate crime (HR 55). Warriors, there’s more, too; but we’ll get into more of this on the Part 2 show, Jan. 13th.

                               It’s important to note that all these newly proposed bills dovetail right into PL 116-260.

Warriors do you see the wagons circling our Constitution like never before? Do you see your freedoms being readied to be swept under the rug?

PL 116-260 is NOT a law for a free people! These new bills being considered are NOT to ensure our lives, liberties, or pursuits of happiness WHATSOEVER!

The President’s Last Can To Kick?

Warriors, as you’ve known, I do not hold trust in the Republican party nor the Democratic party. They have both been united in destroying education for decades. Since it’s crystal clear that we’ll have a new President soon, you might have missed the newly signed into law bills President Trump is leaving us with. These also overreach in education.

These were signed Jan. 5, 2021

  • Former HR 1240, US fish activities will united education to sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Former HR 2468, School based allergy and asthma ‘comprehensive’ treatment mandates
  • Former HR 4021, Great Lakes Initiative, look for more SDGs
  • Former HR 7105, veteran education meets skill based training aka Learn to Earn
  • Former HR 7560, extends the Peace Corps and embeds more United Nations overreaches

The last bill which will impact education, HR 221, has been sent to the President, but hasn’t been signed into law. This bill is to supposedly help end the hate towards the Jewish community, yet it places a special envoy in the Administrative branch to use globally led tactics, not American made policies.

Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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