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The Entire Situation with El Chapo Is a Major Government Coverup

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Published on: January 15, 2016

The entire situation with El Chapo’s capture is a government setup done by Mexico, with the US government taking part as well. This is what we learn from Jorge Vasquez Valencia, the official spokesperson for the militia, Las Autodefensas, who has been fighting the cartels since 2013.

This is the third time that El Chapo has “escaped” from prison, and such a significant amount of “escapes” cannot help but compel one to think that there is a conspiracy behind the El Chapo sensationalism. In 2001, El Chapo “escaped” from a top-security jail, the Puente Grande. It was reported he go away in a laundry truck. But Anabel Hernandez, one of Mexico’s leading authorities on the drug cartel, revealed that El Chapo got out with a police uniform and a police escort, a day after Mexico’s minister of justice came out to talk about his “break out.” His escape reflects a very deep association between the cartels and high upper echelons of power within the Mexican government. interviewed the militia leader to get his opinion on the El Chapo coverup and also to discuss just how immense the violence in Mexico is:


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It cannot be ignored that, until recently, El Chapo had his own building at the Mexico City airport, and it was right next to the building of the president of Mexico. There have even been major Western banks caught laundering money for El Chapo. Britain’s biggest bank, HSBC, as well as Wachovia bank (a subsidiary of Wells Fargo), was handling hundreds of billions of dollars of El Chapo’s blood money, used in the deaths and kidnappings of tens of thousands of people. What happened to these bankers? None of them were punished; in fact, many of them were promoted.

So how can we be so confident that this last arrest was truly a move of justice, in light of all this history and corruption? It would be imprudent to indiscriminately put our trusts fully in what the government says. In a series of Stratfor memos published in 2012, it is revealed that the DEA knew El Chapo’s location and were ready to assassinate him. But the killing of El Chapo was called off by Obama himself. The DEA’s initial measure to kill El Chapo was first formulated in the Bush administration, but was canceled by Obama.    

Fred Burton, Stratfor’s vice president for intelligence and its leading expert on Mexico’s drug war, said in 2010:

DEA had a window of opportunity to render El Chapo but the WH [White House] would not let them do it. God forbid we upset our lovely MX neighbors. … One of the scenarios discussed to kill El Chapo or other Zeta HVT’s [high-value targets] was a 1000 yard head shot by a U.S. shooter, to plant the seed of paranoia in the minds of the narcos as to who pulled the trigger … Obama won’t approve a finding for covert action inside MX based on ‘moral ground. … One of the scenarios discussed to kill El Chapo or other Zeta HVT’s [high-value targets] was a 1000 yard head shot by a U.S. shooter, to plant the seed of paranoia in the minds of the narcos as to who pulled the trigger

The Mexican government was all for killing El Chapo, and the president at that time, Filipe Calderon, would have turned a blind eye to Americans killing the mobster. As Burton said,

“[Then President] Calderon has told a few that violence has reached a point that he would turn a blind eye to unilateral CIA or DEA actions, if they wanted to go down that path, as long as he has ‘plausible deniability.'”

The plan of the DEA to assassinate El Chapo shows how much American forces do not trust the Mexican government, and this explains why the US is demanding that the thug be extradited to American soil. José Manuel Merino Madrid, who superintends extradition efforts for Mexico’s attorney general, has said that it could take up to a year for Chapo to be extradited. While Juan Masini, a lawyer who has served as a U.S. federal prosecutor and attache to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, affirms that Mexico will drag the extradition for a much longer time. Masini said:

“Theoretically the (Guzmán) lawyers could waive a hearing and the Mexican government could send him right away… But if he wants to fight it, under Mexican law he is entitled to challenge a lot of procedures. It could take years.”


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