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The Fake Outrage that has Stemmed from the RNC Debate

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Published on: November 7, 2015

Occasionally, I’ve been known to peruse the Commentary section at WND prior to settling upon a topic so that I don’t hit too close to something a colleague has already addressed that week. A few years back, Ann Coulter and I actually came up with identical titles for our columns on the same day. The phrase – a twist on the title of a novel – was pretty esoteric, which made the whole thing kind of creepy, considering Ann and I have never met nor spoken.

This week, I thought I’d cover the travesty of the Republican presidential debates thus far. A couple of days ago, my esteemed colleague Mychal Massie performed a very sober analysis of the most recent debate on CNBC, but since he focused on the abysmal deportment of the moderators, I found myself happily in the clear.

For the record, while Mr. Massie’s appraisal of the debate moderators (and not just those working the CNBC debate) likened them to drunken Roman patricians, I tend to find them more evocative of giggling, unsophisticated junior high school gossips – but then, even the like-minded don’t agree on everything.

The aforementioned abysmal deportment of the moderators gave rise to a story all its own last week, when on Wednesday, their behavior during the CNBC GOP debate reached extremes sufficient to elicit outrage from both Republicans and Democrats. Then, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus went public with his disgust, excoriating the press and announcing that the RNC was suspending its partnership with NBC for broadcast of the debates. Here, I find Mr. Priebus’ outrage somewhat curious, not because the debate moderators haven’t behaved abominably, because they have.

Their conduct however, reveals even more about the RNC, its leadership and GOP lawmakers than it reveals about the moderators.

What gave the moderators the indication that they could exhibit such open disdain for Republican candidates with impunity? It’s quite unlikely that they would have knowingly done anything that might cause millions of Americans to question their credibility.

So why did they do it?

I believe I have an answer.

Crucial though it may be for liberal ideologues to portray Republicans in a horrid light, I think it became evident to both the RNC and certain network news bureau chiefs that the ongoing debate fiasco threatened to make known the truth of this back-and-forth between the Republican power structure and the liberal press.

This would be that it’s all counterfeit, choreography, theater … fake.

This is one reason I believe that Ted Cruz‘s reference to the CNBC moderators presiding over a pro wrestling “cage match” was so very apropos.

Jeb Bush may be the most noteworthy candidate in this respect for two reasons: One, he’s the candidate the RNC and GOP establishment donors really want to ram down our throats. Two, it’s his brother who did nothing whatsoever to improve the optics of his presidency or the morale of his party as the far left smear machine slandered and propagandized both.

George W’s actions were part of the theater. Jeb Bush is an apple fallen from the same tree, in the familial and political sense.

As far as the other GOP contenders go: We’ve already seen too much decorum and desire for bipartisanship from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who espouses social conservatism but who’s a progressive in every other sense. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is cut from similar cloth; he backed measures in Ohio that facilitated Obamacare’s massive Medicaid expansion, and lately he’s been doing his best to misrepresent and alienate conservatives.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the consummate Northeastern political prostitute; his rapport with Obama should be enough evidence for anyone with more than a dab of functioning gray matter. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio already owes too much to those who painted that rosy picture of his future for him – and who are paying the tab for it.

And don’t get me started on South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham, who in 2013 conducted a diplomatic mission on Obama’s behalf in support of the recently deposed genocidal Islamist regime of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. His partner in this effort was the man we attempted to get elected to the presidency in 2008, by the way: John McCain, who committed treason in his capacity as Obama’s liaison to the “vetted, moderate Syrian rebels” who turned out to be ISIS.

Bottom line? The debate moderators simply got cocky. They – like the rest of the press and insiders on the left – know that the two parties are in collusion, that the only difference between them might be that one wants a government the size of MetLife Stadium, while the other is thinking more along the lines of, say, the Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium. These moderators figured they could have some fun with the candidates, because with the war won, there’s no longer a need to maintain the pretense of civility.

Never forget that hardcore lefties tend to be pretty nasty people to start with …

The chief reason the RNC decided to protest the treatment the candidates were getting from debate moderators is because the GOP elites know they must continue to pretend resisting our incremental slide into global oligarchical totalitarianism, lest Americans rise up and roast them and all of Congress over a low fire.

In other words: Reince Priebus knows that there’s a big difference between throwing the fight and looking like you’re throwing the fight. He said more in defense of the Republican Party in a week than George W. said in eight years because we’re a decade farther down the road to hell now, and a lot more Americans are poorer, fearful and, thus, potentially volatile.


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