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The Fall of Bill Gates & the Media’s Blackmail Machine

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Published on: May 18, 2021

One measure of living in a totalitarian society is the way that narratives that remained in the background suddenly spring to life and dominate the discourse virtually overnight. These narratives are based on facts that weren’t secret, yet were deliberately buried.

In a free society with a free press, stories emerge organically. In an unfree society, these are these tell-tale signs of the wizards behind the curtain.

Take the media’s sudden renewed interest in Jeffrey Epstein’s notoriously horrifying crimes, after ignoring them for so long, because resurrecting them allowed for a takedown of a Trump associate. Once that was done, the story has lingered awkwardly (like Epstein’s implausible suicide) having outlived its actual purpose, and being functionally inconvenient to the elites that loved to party with Epstein.

But occasionally a good narrative has its uses.

Now that Mrs. Gates decided to part ways with Mr. Gates, she showed that she had learned a few things from the master, by making the Epstein story front and center, and then linking it to some reported bad behavior around women by the noted philanthropist and OS malefactor.

Gates’ relationship with Epstein was well known, but discussed awkwardly. Now it’s a major story, not so much because we’re learning anything new, but because it serves a major financial purpose.

I don’t know the technicalities of Melinda’s financial arrangement with Bill, but the hounds of hell have clearly been unleashed. Likely with a purpose. And, also likely, when their taste for blood and money has been sated, interest in the story will just as suddenly disappear.

But by then, Bill’s star will have sunk lower than Windows Bob: Melinda’s pet project.

There’s a much larger set of problems here than even whatever Bill and Jeff were getting up to together.

1. The media functions as a set of attack dogs at the beck and call of known and unknown players.

Some of the political players are obviously very well known. Just ask any conservative. But the motives behind the takedowns of other public figures, whether it’s Scott Rudin, a recent Hollywood target, is much more ambiguous and signals the degree to which the media operates as an arm of private spy agencies and smear merchants.

In Bill’s case, it’s really obvious why this is happening, but the same media doling out hits on the billionaire shows no interest in reporting on where these bread crumbs are coming from, even though their ultimate source is really obvious, likely because that would mean admitting the extent to which the media has prostituted itself to powerful men and women, and to the private spy agencies that operate as hit men for hire.

2. The media chooses to suppress important stories until it’s convenient

The Epstein case was a horror. The facts were well known and the media sat on it until it was politically useful. How many other horrible cases is the media sitting on until some ‘reporter’ digs up a connection to a Republican or conservative that can be briefly weaponized for political gain?

The correct answer is, “Who the hell knows?”

But it also gets worse because the media isn’t just sitting on stories, in many cases it isn’t even generating its own stories. The media is acting as a PR department for various players. Its reporters, as the Obama White House gloated to the New York Times, know nothing and are happy to rewrite whatever they’re told. And the media doesn’t “break” important stories. It gets stories hand fed to it and then told when to “break” them.

3. The media is a blackmail operation

The above two points are a profile of a blackmail operation. Whether or not Jeffrey Epstein had damaging information with which he blackmailed the rich and powerful, that’s unquestionably the media’s M.O. and the Bill Gates case is just the latest example of the phenomenon.

We have gone a long way beyond the media being “biased”. The media simply doesn’t resemble its formal category. It’s a clearinghouse for narratives in which cancel culture is weaponized for political and financial gain. It’s a political machine for maintaining power.

Its real targets aren’t the conservatives who are grist for the mill, or the random people who are there to be made examples of, but members of the powerful elite who have the most to lose.

The fourth estate is a powerful part of the unseen governing class. And it governs through propaganda and terror.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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