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The Fall Of Constantinople & Infidel Slaughter & Humiliation

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Published on: December 3, 2019

In 1452, Murad II’s son, Mehmet II, succeeded his father as Sultan. After over 700 years of fighting, they conquered the city in May 29, 1453. They killed everyone in the streets – men, women, children, virgins raped, took all the gold and silver they could find and made slaves of a few. They entered the Hogia Sophia, which for 1,000 years was a Christian church and stole and destroyed everything that was Christian, and even to this day, its a mosque with the walls still bearing the elimination of all things Christian.  Of course, they now take credit for its grandeur.

When the city was taken, Mehmet’s mind turned to relaxation (sex) with a young boy. He ordered Notaras to bring his good looking 14-year-old boy to come to him for his pleasure. He refused. Mehmet ordered them both beheaded and placed their heads on his banquet table – so much for a peaceful religion and morality!

I entered the Hogia Sophia on a trip to Turkey a few years ago and the barrenness and feeling of oppression still exists today.

Supposedly, Mohammad said that some day Constantinople would be taken and then Rome.

It seems the present Pope is playing with fire.

He entertains Imams and Islamic leaders as friends – nothing could be further from the truth and history is replete with the evidence thereof. He needs a history lesson.

Islam seeks to destroy every vestige of Christianity.

Friendship is always temporary until they have the numbers to defeat their hosts.

It is a well-played out theme everywhere they go and it’s still evident as exposed in the Holy Land Foundation Trials in Texas in 2008 where the plan of destruction of North America was discovered in a sub-basement floor.

It was written by the Muslim Brotherhood and is being implemented in America as we speak.

They are told to immigrate, not to assimilate, get involved in schools and politics and reproduce at high rates.

Their goal: world domination and elimination of our Constitution and replace it with Sharia law.

As the result of Constantinople being taken, many Greek intellectuals immigrated to Western Europe. This led to the renaissance of philosophy and literature the likes the world had never seen.

Islam destroys.

Christians build and allow education and culture to flourish – not Islam!

In a weak attempt in 1455, Pope Calixtus III vowed to take back Constantinople with another crusade.

It failed.

Mehmet next set his eyes on Eastern Europe as well as Bosnia, Hungary and Venice.

Venice fought fiercely and dashed those dreams.

To give you an idea of the crass, barbaric behavior of the Sultans/Islam, in 1481, Mehmet made a new law (another change) that one of his sons, who would become Sultan, may lawfully put his brothers to death and that this had the approval of the majority of Islamic jurists – the killing of family approved!

Wherever the Sultans went, they degraded anyone non-Muslim.

Christians and Jews could not hold any office above a Muslim.

The Christians had to be marked with blue turbans and the Jews with yellow turbans.  Does this sound familiar to Hitler?

If they rode horses, they had to ride with one leg underneath them and eventually, they weren’t allowed to ride horses or mules.

As a result of this oppression, many converted to Islam to avoid the “dhimmis” oppression.

This humiliation was also enforced in payment of the “jizya”.

They would have them stand in a group in the lowest, dirtiest place where one at a time they would be dragged before the acting official, receive a blow and thrust aside to make the infidels think their life was spared – total humiliation while paying them a large portion of their earnings just for the right to live under submission to their Muslim benefactors.

Following this, the Sultans took their fight once again to India and China – but that’s another story.

Taken from Robert Spencer’s book “From Mohammad to ISIS”.

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