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The FDA is a Petrochemical Protection Racket

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Published on: January 12, 2016

The Food and Drug Administration according to their own website slogan says that they are “Protecting and Promoting Your Health.” In actuality they are really only “protecting”  Big Oil, Big Food, and Big Pharma from liability while simultaneously  “promoting” their profits. This organization has failed miserably in its stated goals and serves as a perfect example of how industry through corporate, fascist partnerships create and manage government agencies. These mega-corps do this for a variety of reasons, but the primary reasons are to create an atmosphere of unbiased authority and accreditation surrounding their products, to protect themselves from liability when products are proven harmful, and to regulate, target and use the force of government to persecute competing industries or products. As a result of this co-opting of the FDA by corporate lobbies, petrochemicals, synthetic compounds, and genetically modified organisms are being introduced into the human food chain at an alarming rate, thus creating an epidemic of modern diseases.

The 20th Century Muckrakers

Like many government agencies they are set up by administrations who are responding to a crisis scenario, the FDA is no different.  In 1906 Upton Sinclair wrote the now classic muckraking novel, The Jungle, an expose on the horribly unsanitary conditions within the US meat packing industry during that time. This novel created a public backlash which demanded a response from President Theodore Roosevelt who only months later signed two laws, the Federal Meat Inspection Act and also the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. While it was Sinclair Upton who spurred the Federal Meat Inspection Act, it was notable muckraker Samuel Hopkins Adams that wrote a piece in 1905 entitled “The Great American Fraud” about the dangers of patent medicines in Colliers’s Weekly. This type of journalism was very effective at shaping public opinion during the time and also creating enough public outrage to force a call towards legislation in the Congress. At that time a man named Harvey Washington Wiley was assisting  Congress with what is famously called the “poison squads.” These poison squads were based on a $5000 dollar grant that studied the effects of chemical preservatives on human volunteers. It was Wiley who became known as the “Father of the Pure Food and Drug Act” for his efforts in organizing over one million women to write congress in support of the Pure Food and Drug Act.

It was the Pure Food and Drug Act that became the precursor of the FDA as it is today. This act was essentially a truth in labeling law that required that product ingredients  must be disclosed, especially if those products were deemed dangerous or potentially addictive. This act also regulated the labeling of “patent” medications that used, caffeine, cannabis, heroin, alcohol, and morphine and eventually created the jurisdictional authority toward prohibition.

One of the most notable subjects of the muckraker investigative reports during this time, was that of Standard Oil robber baron John D. Rockefeller by the National Women’s Hall of Fame inductee Ida Tarbell. She wrote an extremely harsh criticism of the Rockefeller business practices in a series for New York based McClure’s Magazine. This series utilized documents and testimonies from Standard Oil executives to prove that John D. Rockefeller was the inventor of a school of business ethics and practices that in Tarbell’s view was a menace to the public well-being and had to be exposed. As a result of her piece, public outcry hit an all time high and the US Supreme Court ruled that Standard Oil was a monopoly and must be dissolved into 90 independent companies with a new set of board of directors. It was estimated that during the time of the anti-trust suit Standard Oil controlled up to 91% of production.

Though John D. Rockefeller had retired at this time, the breakup only caused his shares to double due to the fact he owned a quarter of the shares of the resultant companies that went on unabated in increasing their profits. The influence oil had on the industrial revolution, business, economy and government never ceased. Though public outcry demanded that companies like Standard Oil began to regulate the use of their product, Rockefeller business philosophy said that we will just co-opt the federal agencies through philanthropic giving. He is the one that said “competition is a sin” after all and boy did he mean it. Watch 9 min Video on Rockefeller, the AMA and FDA Here!

The Unethical Reselling Oil By-Products

During this time the vast majority of the oil being produced was being used as fuel to light and heat homes, and also create electricity, but soon other uses were being discovered. Before the advent of the gas engine Standard Oil competitors dumped gasoline and other waste products produced from oil refinery into rivers. Standard Oil on the other hand looked to re-sell these by-products into other markets. During this time chemists from the major conglomerate chemical companies like IG Farben, Imperial Chemical Industries and Dupont where heavily invested in the oil molecule. Processes for extracting fuels, polymers, plastics and bulk petrochemicals were being patented in whirlwind fashion. These discoveries allowed for horizontal integration into markets. Take a look at this partial list of things made with petrochemicals and be aware of the things that go in your body or are right next to your skin.

Solvents Diesel fuel Motor Oil Bearing Grease
Ink Floor Wax Ballpoint Pens Football Cleats
Upholstery Sweaters Boats Insecticides
Bicycle Tires Sports Car Bodies Nail Polish Fishing lures
Dresses Tires Golf Bags Perfumes
Cassettes Dishwasher parts Tool Boxes Shoe Polish
Motorcycle Helmet Caulking Petroleum Jelly Transparent Tape
CD Player Faucet Washers Antiseptics Clothesline
Curtains Food Preservatives Basketballs Soap
Vitamin Capsules Antihistamines Purses Shoes
Dashboards Cortisone Deodorant Footballs
Putty Dyes Panty Hose Refrigerant
Percolators Life Jackets Rubbing Alcohol Linings
Skis TV Cabinets Shag Rugs Electrician’s Tape
Tool Racks Car Battery Cases Epoxy Paint
Mops Slacks Insect Repellent Oil Filters
Umbrellas Yarn Fertilizers Hair Coloring
Roofing Toilet Seats Fishing Rods Lipstick
Denture Adhesive Linoleum Ice Cube Trays Synthetic Rubber
Speakers Plastic Wood Electric Blankets Glycerin
Tennis Rackets Rubber Cement Fishing Boots Dice
Nylon Rope Candles Trash Bags House Paint
Water Pipes Hand Lotion Roller Skates Surf Boards
Shampoo Wheels Paint Rollers Shower Curtains
Guitar Strings Luggage Aspirin Safety Glasses
Antifreeze Football Helmets Awnings Eyeglasses
Clothes Toothbrushes Ice Chests Footballs
Combs CD’s & DVD’s Paint Brushes Detergents
Vaporizers Balloons Sun Glasses Tents
Heart Valves Crayons Parachutes Telephones
Enamel Pillows Dishes Cameras
Anesthetics Artificial Turf Artificial limbs Bandages
Dentures Model Cars Folding Doors Hair Curlers
Cold cream Movie film Soft Contact lenses Drinking Cups
Fan Belts Car Enamel Shaving Cream Ammonia
Refrigerators Golf Balls Toothpaste Gasoline

Though the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act and the creation of the FDA was supposed to help prevent these companies from harming human health these oil vested companies proved to be far too powerful. They went on to convince the FDA to allow the toxic oil by-products into almost everything including our food and water by convincing regulatory agencies that there can be such things as allowable amounts. This has happened despite the fact that we have known since the early 1900’s that these chemicals have a deleterious impact on human health.

Three areas that have had a tremendously negative impact on human health as a result of horizontal integration of oil byproducts into our lives is our food supply in the form of chemical additives and pesticides, our environment in the way of chemical dyes, cleaning agents, and textiles and also our medicine seeing that many pharmaceuticals themselves are in actuality nothing more than petroleum derivatives. Oil via the Rockefeller empire forced its way into everything, including your mouth and western medicine.

The Growing Threat

As a result of this fallacy of an “allowable amount” of poisons, the Big Food, Big Oil, and Big Pharma have created a perpetual system of profit, all stemming from the adulteration and titration of known poisonous chemicals into the human food cycle. If allowing crude oil into the food chain wasn’t damaging enough the FDA has opened the door to genetic engineering another proven devastator of human health.

An IVN article about Monstano demonstrated how industry tycoons have turned the FDA into a government protection racket for products that are known health hazards, they write,

“Most high-level FDA employees have a background in either medicine or law, but one of the largest private-sector sources is the Monsanto Company. Over the past decades, at least seven high-ranking employees in the FDA have an employment history with the Monsanto Company.

Connections have led many to speculate whether any conflicts of interest exist within this revolving door between the big food companies and the department charged with regulating them.

At the forefront of this controversy is Michael R. Taylor, currently the deputy commissioner of the Office of Foods. He was also the deputy commissioner for Policy within the FDA in the mid ’90s. However, between that position and his current FDA position, Mr. Taylor was employed by Monsanto as Vice President of Public Policy.

During his employment with Monsanto, the company was developing rBGH, a type of beef growth hormone. Mr. Taylor advised the company on the possible legal implications of using the hormone on cattle that could reach beef markets for human consumption. However, when Taylor left Monsanto for the FDA, he became one of t he main authorities behind the FDA’s rBGH labeling guidelines, posing potential conflicts of interest.” (IVN)

The government has failed the American public, and so has the corporations. Both are entrusted in the public’s benefit and well-being and both have failed us. This is a corporate fascists system that has put profits ahead of human health, and instead use us all as guinea pigs.

The Way Out

God created nature, and nature provides better food and medicine than anything the multi-billion, corporate conglomerates can provide. The best way out is to totally remove yourself from the corporate food and medicine system, meaning only eat organic foods, limit your exposure to the chemical toxins, and also heal yourself with natural medicines like cannabis. The corporate food chain and western medical establishment is nothing more than a system of disease and death. If you value your own health and the health of your family you will research and take immediate action. Your body can only deal with so many chemicals and engineered foods until it begins to shutdown and die as a result of accumulated exposure. Some people are more susceptible than others.

Rockefeller and unscrupulous men developed ways to bring their poisonous crude oil to your dinner plate and medicine cabinet, the question is who do you trust? Do you trust Rockefeller? Or do you trust God? I for one trust God and want nothing to do with the FDA nor Big Food, Oil, and Pharma.

It is little wonder that the FDA has persecuted natural cures. 100 years ago cannabis for example was a cure all medicine, it was then attacked and placed on schedule 1 drug list andbanned from use by the FDA. We are now finding this one plant alone could replace everything from textiles to medicine that is now created through oil. Hemp has over 50,000 recorded uses.

“And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more.
” – Ezekiel 34:29.

Its time that we see the unnatural elements placed her by Rockefeller and his ilk through unethical corporate force as a sin against nature and God. If Christians began looking at these technologies as what they are rebellion from God and his systems their power strangle hold would fall apart, but instead Christians place their faith in manmade and very deadly, profited motivated institutions.

The only thing truly “Approved” for human consumption is what God put on this earth in its purest form.

And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine. Ezekiel 47:12

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