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The Great Reset May Not Go As Planned

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Published on: December 30, 2020

I have seen a lot of articles where people keep saying how Bill Gates is going to do this, and the Democrats are going to do that, and on and on and on. We need to start thinking about this and get a hold of ourselves.

When I was in the military, I was put in what was called a Prisoner of War Training Camp. The purpose of this training was to teach us what to do if we were ever captured and held prisoner while serving our country. Well, I am not going to leak any national secrets but considering how it was more than 35 years ago, I think I can say a few general things. Actually, since we are currently prisoners of the COVID lockdowns, it may just be sharing prisoner to prisoner.

The thing we do not want to do is give the people violating our rights more power than they have. For example, Bill Gates, yes Wicked Willy, has a lot of money, but if he came around where I live, he may end up in some trouble. People, where I live, do not like to be harassed, even by rich people.  So, Willy would be told to get lost.

What I am thinking about is some things I observed when I was driving through Minneapolis where the burned-out areas were from the rioting. There you have a leftist city that has very little respect for people’s rights. Even though the people are not respected by their government, they did get their government’s attention. I understand the politics of the George Floyd thing, but we need to analyze it for what we can learn.

Regardless of which side you come down on, pro-police or pro-George Floyd, it is obvious a certain amount of people did not like what happened. Eventually, many buildings were burned down including a police station. The police could not regain control without the National Guard coming in and helping them. My question is this:  What makes us think this is the only thing that can make a group of people angry enough to burn down a police station?

A video of a man with a police officer kneeling on his neck can cause a lot of outrage, but so can other things. For example, not everyone thinks vaccines are safe. Actually, there have been damages paid in the so-called vaccine court, so we know they are not always safe. If the government said they were going to do forced vaccines, are we supposed to assume that would not cause any outrage?

If the government told a mother they were going to hurt her child, are we supposed to believe she would just stand by and watch it happen? If there was a rural county with a population of 40,000 people and only 10 percent of that population became as outraged as the people in Minneapolis, you could have 4,000 angry people surrounding the county courthouse.  In smaller county sheriff’s offices, I doubt if the deputies could stop those people. If they burned the courthouse to the ground, how long would it take to rebuild it? What would be different than Minneapolis is that you may lose the county’s entire sheriff’s offices and court system, as many small counties put them in the same building. My point is that we need to think about these things now before we push things too far.

I think most rural sheriffs realize this and that is why they refuse to enforce mask mandates and lockdowns. I have been friends with multiple sheriffs in different counties and have found them to be good men. I think they realize many governors are out of line and they need to keep the situation from getting out of control.

What worries me is how fast the Minneapolis riots started and got out of control. I understand the people that claim there were instigators, but that does not change my point. Thousands and thousands of businesses have been hurt horribly by evil governors in multiple states. If the governor destroys a person’s restaurant, that they devoted their entire life to building, why should we assume that will not eventually cause as much outrage as a police officer kneeling on a man’s neck? Why do people on both sides keep acting like destroying people’s finances won’t eventually cause a breaking point?

If you are not hurting does not mean others are not hurting. If enough people decide they have had enough, there are not enough police and sheriff’s deputies to stop them. Minneapolis proved that. I saw the burned-out buildings. The governor should have learned from that. His behavior shows he did not.

I believe there are more people angry about COVID mask mandates and lockdowns than are afraid of getting COVID. I believe those people have a breaking point. The Minneapolis riots prove you truly need the consent of the governed, or you will start losing police stations. I do not want to see that in my county. I hope the county governments realize if they let the governor continue to hurt their people, they may get the blame and the outrage. If enough people get outraged, COVID will be the least of the government’s problems.

The political people and the propaganda media are making a huge mistake. They are teaching people that democracy does not work. With all the voter fraud, it is impossible to remove the people causing the harm. Even if there were fair elections, if the majority of the people are gullible and make mistakes, the minority suffer with the majority. What the political people and the propaganda media are showing the people is that burning the police station down in Minneapolis is the only way those people are going to change the situation. Even if they changed it worse, they did change it. That is a poor way to run a country.

The population of Minnesota is 5.7 million. One percent of the population is 57,006 people. Democracy would say 1 percent of the people can do nothing. However, if those people decide they are done with their businesses being ruined by the governor, there are 57,006 people who could show up at the governor’s house. What would they do? Would they be like the Minneapolis protesters who burned down the police station? The governor has proved they cannot fix this by voting. The media keeps pushing only the propaganda. They are both giving those people only one option. It does not matter if 5,643,664 of us are at home doing what the governor and the media want. The only thing that matters is what are those 57,006 people going to do? If they decide they had enough, and get as outraged as the people who watched George Floyd die did, that will not be good.

The great reset could end up becoming all of the government agencies being shut down. The health inspectors, who claim to give us safe restaurants are bankrupting the restaurants so that there are going to be no restaurants. I think given the choice between no restaurants or no health inspectors, people will choose no health inspectors. The governor is proving his agencies are harmful, not helpful. Do we have enough police to stop 57,006 people? Do the police want to help the governor to keep hurting their family members who own small businesses? What happens if 2 percent of the population becomes outraged and 114,013 people show up at the governor’s house? What if they show up at the Department of Health?

These are questions I wish people would have asked before people burned a police station down. I hate violence and that is why I try to help by volunteering at homeless shelters and as an Emergency Medical Technician. If I give a hungry person a meal, it is obvious to them I mean them no harm. The same goes if I bandage a wound. I do not think everyone in this state believes the governor means them no harm. I hope he gives them better options than the people in Minneapolis were given.

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