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The Greatest Threat Obama Is Stealthily Empowering Besides Iran Which Americans Completely Ignore

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Published on: April 10, 2015

The rule of thumb to know what is good for America these days is to reverse President Obama’s policies, especially his foreign policy, and you can see what is good for America. You can nearly take anything Obama did, reverse it, and the outcome is what America needs.

You can also take any manufactured phobias promoted by his administration, Islamophobia, Homophobia, Race Phobia, Police Phobia … and whatever labels this government dishes out, such ‘phobias’ are not phobias at all, but a healthy hammer which hits the nail on the head. The labeling game is the best arm twister invented by tyrannies. I have heard labels since I was a child; “Zionism is Racism” “American Imperialism” “anti-Muslim Bigotry” … ad nauseam, to only move to America and get a load of this nonsense sold daily in the media and much more; “Police Brutality” “Racism” “Homophobia” … as if this wonderful nation has a litany of abuses, when all the abuses are manufactured by our government. And they are all manufactured to keep the simpletons in the dark. Everyone is running to and fro paying attention to headlines while ignoring bigger dangers they can never possibly fathom.

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The real phobias that are constantly circulating, even in Christian circles, which is unhealthy, is the stealth type. Take the China Phobia for example. While many Americans worry about the rise of China, few focus that our government promotes such phobia for a reason. Washington is wary of the rise of China in the Asia-Pacific region as Obama approved the new “pivot to Asia” strategy which seeks to confront China´s growing role in the region. Today the US is trying to build a new anti-Beijing alliance by forming the pro-US Australian executive and advancing Shinzo Abe´s government in Japan. All the while, that it is Japan and not China that is determined to play a more assertive role in Asia and seeks to scrap the so-called “pacifist clause” in the Japanese constitution. This has become the U.S ‘natural ally’ in this strategy.

While folks focus on Iran’s threat, the U.S. government relies on American memory which is found wanting when it comes to history. Americans forget the recent past, it is Japan, not Iran that historically was America’s greatest threat. While we easterners never forget with memories of elephants, today I am amazed how quickly Americans forgot Pearl Harbor and World War II. Indeed, it is astounding.

Obama is advancing Japan, which wants to remove the status imposed on her after Second World War. Americans quickly forgot the Christian martyred blood spilt by their grandfathers and how the official British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF), composed of AustralianBritishIndian, and New Zealand personnel, was deployed during 1946 to demilitarize and the dispose of Japan’s evil war industries so that Japan was limited for decades as result to ever advance its military ability. And that is how your grandparents secured peace for a generation. Peace is never secured by sheer dialogue, but dialogue after victory is what secures peace. And while we speak of Police Brutality, indeed, you will find a smudge here and there, they do not call them peace officers by sending them out without a piece. But folks today are programmed to focus on the smut and smudge forgetting the beauty that once was called America.

Let history record for this generation, Shinzo Abe, and his administration, have been showing numerous signs of a plan to reinvigorate and restore the prestige that Japan once had in the days of its imperial tyranny and power, which was restrained and placated by the Great United States, just as Turkey is showing signs of its desire to revive its glory days of its first bruised head: the Ottoman empire (Revelation 13:3).

And if I was the devil, for an evil empire to arise in the world today, two restrainers must be done; the first is to dismantle the Sykes-Picot plan which forced the nations of the Ottoman Empire to remain fractured; the second is to remove the shackles from Japan to rebuild its military strength. These two has been the hallmark of Obama’s policies, which few are considering, while everyone focuses on Iran ignoring even the bigger picture; Turkey so much desires to reconnect to its old empire including all the states they lost through Sykes-Picot.

Instead, The Ukraine crisis has been a focal point for the United States and its NATO allies moving us further into a strategic and political confrontation with Russia. Why liberals and Christians in America agree regarding Russia never cease to amaze me. But where children fail, God is in control. As a result, Moscow has taken measures to strengthen its military power, including the development of new warships, warplanes and nuclear missiles. It is also promoting the Euroasian Union with some close allies such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other countries.

The U.S. is over focused on the Russia Phobia and the China Phobia while the real danger comes from Turkey and Japan, both of which have no phobias being promoted by Obama who is America’s greatest heresiarch spreading the devil’s greatest phobia: Christian Phobia.

It would make sense for any major power that desires to contain Iran’s nuclear issue that the US would need Russia (Iran’s main weapons supplier) and China (Iran’s biggest economic partner) to act as mediators in its communication with Tehran instead of the increasingly problematic relations from Washington.

Who today in the media is even focused on Japan which knows how to woo the West by feeding them crumbs when it agreed to transfer 700 pounds of plutonium to the United States that even Fox News considered this to be “a victory” for Obama’s plan to secure nuclear materials around the world, which is laughable, Japan has enough plutonium to build 50 nukes and possesses 44.3 tons of plutonium, 9.3 tons of which were kept within the country, while 35 tons were kept abroad in countries like the United Kingdom and France. This is enough plutonium to create more than 5000 nuclear bombs, not the seven bombs Iran is trying to attain, with which they will most likely do us a favor and nuke Saudi Arabia. Please don’t get me wrong, I pray that Israel nukes Tehran now for it will have to nuke it later.

According to Yin Xiaoliang, a researcher with the Institute of Japan Studies at Nankai University, “This even exceeds the 38 tons of weapons-grade plutonium the US previously claimed to hold.” Keep in mind, Japan wants to export this material to Turkey beginning on 2023 with a pact in place, right at the time Turkey wants to announce its original claim to their ancient empires.

According to some estimates, Japan has the capabilities to produce nuclear weapons within six months. It is no wonder why Japan, in April of 2013, refused to sign a joint-statement on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, in Geneva and Switzerland.

The world today speaks of peace, but do you ever wonder why so many nations are arming themselves more than any other time in history? Why would the world, while they promote peace in our time are arming themselves to the teeth?

Take Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, returned to power in 2012 vowing to reverse years of decline in military spending. He has, for the third year running, kept that pledge. This year his government passed a record
defence package worth ¥4.98 trillion ($42 billion), topping the previous peak set in 2002 and marking Japan’s third straight annual rise.

Turkey announced that its scientists will soon complete a missile with a range of 1,500 kilometers (932 miles) and in 2014 another with a range of 2,500 kilometers (1,553 miles). Another missile with an 800-kilometer range was ready for precision tests.

Professor Yucel Altinbasak, head of TUBITAK, said the order for the missile program had come from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself. This month Erdogan declared: “We will make our army the strongest force in the world and the region.”

What for?

Second only to that of the United States in NATO and the second largest military in Europe, second only to Russia, the Turkish armed forces Türk Silahli Kuvvetleri – TSK have a total active manpower of a million soldiers including reserves, now wants to advance its space and missile technology. An engineer from the institute’s missile project group told state television TRT, “Turkish missiles [are] more advanced than US or German missiles.” Turkey’s efforts toward offensive missile capabilities come at a time when the country is also trying to construct its first long-range air and anti-missile defense architecture.

So who will take care of the Turkey Threat, if it is not Russia, its historic arch enemy?

Obama is in bed with America’s greatest enemies, Russia is no longer communist and he has alienated Israel, America’s only true friend in the region. Such alienation is not only by words, just read the headlines; “Obama Administration Delays Arms Shipments to Israel… as it Confirms Advanced Arms Sales to Turkey and Qatar” … “The Obama administration’s dramatic acceleration of U.S. weapons exports. The numbers are astonishing. In President Obama’s first five years in office, new agreements under the Pentagon’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program—the largest channel for U.S. arms exports—totaled over $169 billion … exceeds the amount approved by the Bush administration in its full eight years in office by nearly $30 billion. That also means that the Obama administration has approved more arms sales than any U.S. administration since World War II … The majority of the Obama administration’s arms sales—over 60 percent–have gone to the Middle East and Persian Gulf.”

With Turkey’s rise to power, the excuse given is that “Turkey should have the ability to develop its own missile and space technologies in order to respond to security challenges that could arise from its neighbors,” the prime minister has said, amid NATO’s concerns Ankara will finalize a deal with a Chinese company for a $3.4 billion long-range missile defense system.

Just who are these nations planning to kill?

Today we see almost all the evil empires of World War I and World War II revive: Ottoman, Persian and Japanese. This includes all their evil ideologies and religions reviving with them. Never before in history has mankind been speaking so much of peace and is armed to the teeth, poised for war, more than these days of Obama.

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