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The Indisputable Result of Liberal Indoctrination Camps

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Published on: March 31, 2015

When the second most liberal President in modern times signed the Department of Education Organization Act into law in 1979, it was hailed as a historic moment in time. Finally, the always efficient federal government would be able to control the curriculum of public schools in all 50 states, or 57 states for those on the left. You see, the government would now control who gets the money, and who doesn’t. You want to have local control over education? No problem, but no money for you! So what could possibly go wrong? Let’s start here.

Earlier this month, the results of the annual PIAAC test scores were announced. The test is administered worldwide, and is the benchmark for comparing skill levels of adults entering the labor market. In essence, it evaluates how effective each country is when it comes to education. Once the dominant country in educating our youth, America has scored abysmally for several years now. Let’s just look the results of Millennials, defined as people aged 16-34 years old. In this category, Americans ranked 20th out of the 23 countries that took the exam in literacy. That’s right, only 3 countries fared worse.

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In Math, Americans were dead last. And in the category of technical problem solving, we were second from the bottom. Certainly American millennials with Masters Degrees and Doctorates, those with the most education excelled though……right? Well, not so much. The most highly educated scored higher than Ireland, Poland, and Spain. 20 countries outpaced this great nation. So how could this be? Jimmy Carter promised that the government would ensure that our most precious resource, our children would receive nothing but the best when it comes to education. Over the years, many political commentators have suggested that Carter was one of the smartest men to occupy the Whitehouse. Of course, I’ve heard the entire cast as MSNBC suggest the same thing about Barack Obama, so there you go.

There are many on the left who tell us that this is a “lack of spending” problem, yet we spend more money per student than every other country. Then there is the theory that our poor performance is somehow tied into our illegal immigration problem. You’ll have to forgive me, but I’m thinking that multiplying the number of illegal immigrants into our school system, just might not be the solution. Perhaps it’s no more complicated than looking at what American children are being taught in school. For example, public schools and colleges alike are rapidly instituting “American Diversity” classes. The goal is to address the perceived problem of “white privilege.” Because you can’t be a productive member of society if you don’t understand this far left concept, can you?

That was the official ad for the University of Minnesota as they kicked off their official “unfair” campaign. No time for math mom, I’ve got to get to my white privilege class! You think…..just perhaps….that might be a part of the problem? There are only so many hours in the daily schedule. When this takes priority over learning basic skills, it hurts everyone, not just minorities, it hurts everyone!

The 3 categories used to determine success in the job market, are literacy, math, and technical problem solving. That makes sense. Nowhere did I see white privilege. And I also didn’t see things like Global warming, Anti-capitalism, Union activism, or LGBT as skill sets either. But unfortunately, this is what are kids are being taught, and we all know by now that the progressives and the liberals are the only ones that truly know what’s best for our kids. Besides, if they get too smart, well, they just might not vote for Democrats. So at the end of the day, the ends justifies the means…….see how that works?

When it comes to the education system, anyone who truly believed that more government was the answer, is about as smart as our current President. Government is never the answer. In fact, it’s always the problem. Until we start realizing that our public education system has become nothing more than liberal indoctrination camps, and start fighting for school choice, this will not end well. And we really need look no further than where the glorious unions stand on every single issue. Anything that is better for the kids, the union opposes. And who do the unions support? That’s right……liberals!

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