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The Latest Biden Administration Overreach, States Kowtowing & All The Money Spent Unconstitutionally

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Published on: July 14, 2021

US Dept. of Education put out a press release that continues federal overreaches. States are kowtowing to it because they are getting billions under the guise it’s for COVID relief. Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode to expose the hypocrisy and criminality of those involved. Let’s bring justice on them!

Articles and links mentioned in this episode.

Teens Stand Up: “I Will Not Wear The Mask… I Will Not Take The Vaccine… I Will Resist Evil… I Will Submit To God… I Will Defy Tyrants!” (Video)

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This link shows the US ED organizational chart from 2010 (not long after the CCSS Machine took over):

This link shows the US Ed expansion in 2021:
This link shows, directly from US Ed, their supposed role in education:

The States and the American Rescue Plan’s ESSER (Elementary and Secondary State Emergency Relief Funds) recent press release:

The NC submitted State Plan:

The SC submitted State Plan (to compare neighboring States):

(The first page reveals the use of a massive data tracking system called RALLY. If you look closely, you’ll see the SMART goals.

That will take us to these archived articles of mine about the SMART Goals.  From 2017, my first exposure of the SMART/HARD Goals:

Then, an update on SMART Goals from 2019:

To totally contrast all this, look at this US Ed press release where MORE student debt has been thrown out! Out where? Those debts do not simply disappear. Some tax payers, some businesses, or a combo will HAVE to absorb the debts!

This article gives a startling example of how taxpayers MAY be impacted:

However, it still doesn’t address the reality that not every student pays taxes. So, who, again, picks up their debt?

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