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The Liberty Belles Ring Out So You Can Effect Change! (Video)

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Published on: May 9, 2021

What happens when you put together “The Common Core Diva” and the host of “Hamner It Out”? You get “The Liberty Belles”, featuring Lynne Taylor, the Common Core Diva, and Suzanne Hamner, host of “Hamner It Out” where the ring the bell on education so you can affect change and hammer out the issues so you can smell the manure. Together, “The Belles” tackle further information on education mixed with a little fun and a plethora of questions about the current climate of education.

In this episode of “The Liberty Belles”, we talk about common core math, including a math problem we wonder how this new method of math would solve the equation, and the book “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays printed in 1928 with foreword by Noam Chomsky.

Connect with Lynne at and every Wednesday morning at 6 AM on the Sons of Liberty Media radio show with host Tim Brown at Red State talk radio and social media platforms. You can find Lynne on RokuTV, Facebook and MeWe.

Connect with Suzanne at “Hamner It Out” at, Facebook, and on The Sons of Liberty Media website.

You can find “The Liberty Belles” on BitChute at The_Liberty_Belles, on UgeTube at The Liberty Belles, and Rumble at TheLibertyBelles as well as hosted on “Hamner It Out”.

Catch you in the next episode!


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