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The Loons are Showing Up All Over America’s College Campuses

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Published on: March 16, 2015

Each week I am inundated with emails from people all over the country with stories that are “out of this world.” Some are so deep in conspiracy theories that, if compiled, we would have a great science fiction novel. But let’s deal with a little reality, truth, and fact!

Look at what’s happening on our college campuses. Jewish students have been arrested at a peaceful protest for inciting a riot. They did nothing. The opposition started the violence because they wanted the Jewish students to stop “spreading their propaganda.” On our college campuses, where free thought and free flow of ideas are openly welcomed? Really?

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Or recently, at a California college, a Jewish student was denied acceptance to a committee. The denial was not because she was unqualified, but because she was Jewish. So much for institutes of higher learning and reason.

Where are the professors and administrators while all this is going on? Sitting around their little Lib think-tanks, or I should say, “Devoid of Rational Thought Tanks.” There is little to no pushback from the Liberal academia. Why? From what I have read, it’s because they are smarter than everyone else! It’s because we are too uneducated to work it through without their help and anyone from “their world.” Any professors who take a more Conservative stance on issues are immediately ridiculed and pushed out. Once again I say, so much for freedom of thought and free flowing ideas on campus.

It seems most of these campuses have become little Liberal concentration camps to reprogram those who have lost their way and gone down the Conservative thinking path. They have to be reeducated and brought back to a more Liberal way of thinking. Those already in the Liberal Camp are reinforced that all is good in their world.

On another wonderful, American campus here in Communist America, the college is requiring all groups take LGBTQ training. When one group requested an opt-out, they were labeled a hate group! How tolerant of the Left, as they, once again, show their true colors. If I don’t agree with you (Liberals), I’m part of a hate group. If you (Liberals) don’t agree with me, you’re enlightened and I’m just backwards. Wow! How unenlightened on your part! I wonder what would happen if they pushed a mandatory “Intro to Religion” class? Whaddaya think, eh? Who’s the real bully here?

And if you’re not frosted yet, let’s look at banning the flag!

Yes, on our college campuses across the country we have an ever-growing group of young men and women who don’t really understand how they got there. On one campus in particular in sunny California, one of the student body groups decided to ban all flags from being displayed in prominent places on campus, especially the American Flag because it was a “symbol of oppression”! They have no clue as to what oppression really is. Hey ladies in that group, go over to Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia to get a taste of what real oppression looks like. You aren’t allowed to go to school, marry who you want, wear the latest fashion, or drive. Go ahead and protest the government there for equal rights. Let me know how that works out for you!

You have the right to be an idiot because of what that American Flag really represents. Many people in years gone by came to this country (and still do) because of the freedom and opportunities it still represents. These people are children. They don’t understand that they are on American soil, protected by American police and soldiers, who act on securing their freedom because of the American Constitution, all paid for with American tax dollars. The school gets Federal (American) grants to the tune of almost $30 million a year. In this case, the ban on the flag was quickly overturned. But still, professors at the school are urging the students not to give up the fight to ban our flag. Another bunch of dishonest loons.

Look, if you don’t like American symbols, you don’t see America as the greatest nation on the planet, or you think America is the great oppressor… get your meds checked and then move! No… really… just move!

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