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The Mainstream Media Wants You To Believe That You Voted For Them! Who Is Reporting The Results? (Video)

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Published on: July 27, 2021

“You have to go to the same mainstream media that 94% of the American people do not believe to get the results.”

While in Michigan this last week, I was having a conversation with a brother of mine and some things came up that I just knew were not true. For example, he said to me that Michigan is a blue state and so is Minnesota.

First off, in answering these assumptions, I need to begin with the fact that we are a Constitutional Republic in which we are ruled by law (Article IV, Section 4 U.S. Constitution), not by un-Constitutional party affiliations (Over 101), which are set up to divide and pit Americans one against another (Mark 3:25).

Secondly, in the previous election cycle in Minnesota, Tim Walz and Keith Ellison both won their sought-after seats. Tim Walz is a known subversive to American government, as well as treasonous cop killer supporter and Muslim Keith Ellison (John 8:44) were apparently Minnesota’s picks.

Honestly, how many people are going to elect someone that is willfully destroying their freedoms? Think!

After the results came in by the mainstream media of their reported victories, I went to look at the state of Minnesota and noticed that 98% of the counties were red and less than 2% were blue.

As it has rightly been stated, “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Furthermore, who is reporting the victories?  The same media that has been reporting propaganda and fake news for decades in this country.

Friends, Minnesota is no more liberal than Michigan, and no, the people in this state nor Michigan nor in any other state voted someone in to steal away their freedoms the way that the mainstream media wants you to believe that they have done. If it were true, then look to California…

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