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The March Of Islamic Conquest: War, Killing, Booty, & Sex Slaves

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Published on: November 28, 2019

Mohammad’s statement that “war is deceit” is true today, not in the sense that war is wrong, but that deceit should be used to wage war at every level and further the cause of Allah/ Islam. Caliph after Caliph attacked, sought booty and accepted sex slaves and even fought against each other.

In 846, Muslims began jihad against Rome- the grandest Christian city besides Constantinople.

They plundered the basilicas of St. Paul and St. Peter, which were outside the city walls.

Though they were unable to breach the city walls, they continued down Italy plundering everything they could while taking booty and slaves.

Pope Leo ordered the strengthening of the city walls because all knew Islam was not peaceful (something today’s people, politicians and even today’s Pope do not understand).

The pope formed an alliance with several Italian princes creating a significant force and in the battle of Ostia, added by a God-sent storm that destroyed much of the Muslims’ fleet.

Thus, the Islamization of Rome was prevented.

Other cities were not so fortunate.

When the Muslims took Salerno, they pillaged all the churches and monasteries and raped the nuns on a couch spread over the communion table (getting their virgins early).

In the 9th century, the caliph compelled the “dhimmis,” which were those who paid the jizya to wear a white patch on their shoulders, similar to what Hitler did, that bore the image of a pig and an ape and nail onto their doors a board with a picture of a monkey.  Remember, the Quran states Jews are apes and pigs.

He also ordered their graves leveled and all buildings large enough to be made into Mosques.

In the 9th century, fighting primarily turned inward against Muslim rivals (Genesis 16:12). They paid special attention to fighting their Shiite minorities.

The caliph who ordered this was poisoned and died.

The Shiite Imams were ridiculed and killed by the Sunnis.

The infighting was about power.

The same tactics were used once again in Spain, India and a host of other countries to expand Islam for centuries.

The strike back in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries was the beginning of the Crusades, which will be my next topic.

On June 4, 2009, Obama stated: “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

As you can see from this series, that was an absolute lie.

He used deceit to further the cause of Islam, which is exactly the thing for which the Quran calls.  The enemy is within and most are ignorant of the Muslim history; and our children’s school books are redacted of actual Islamic history by a Muslim committee.

This must stop!

Hundreds of millions have been killed, raped and put into slavery by Islam.

It is not peaceful, just extremely deceitful in accomplishing their goal of world domination from Muhammad’s time to ours and few recognize it for what it is.

Next issue – The Crusades!

Info found in Robert Spencer’s book “Muhammad to ISIS- The History of Jihad.”

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