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The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

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Published on: December 8, 2018

The midnight ride of Paul Revere goes something like this:  A patriot had heard of the British plan to march on Lexington and Concord, where they wanted to capture patriot leaders and their supply of guns and ammunition. If the Minuteman were warned, however, maybe they could stop the British.  So, Paul Revere and another patriot named William Dawes jumped on their horses and rode through the countryside.  They shouted as they road, “The British are coming!”

The Minuteman jumped out of their beds and were ready to fight the British.

John Hancock and Samuel Adams were warned just in time for them to escape, as well.

When the British soldiers reached Lexington that night on April 18, 1775, they met a brave group of Minuteman.

When they were preparing to fight, suddenly they heard a gunshot go off.  No one knows who fired the shot, but it started the War for Independence.

The patriots from our country fought long and hard.

After the fight at Lexington, the British marched to Concord, but the Minutemen were there to meet them every step of the way.

As the British troops marched back to Boston, the patriots fired at them all along the way. They fired from behind bushes and trees and even from rocks all the way back to Boston.

We won our independence because of brave men like these who were willing to fight so we could be free (John 15:13).

And this was how it all started.

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