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The Nation’s Brains: How I/O Psychology Will Impact US Education

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Published on: April 9, 2019

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, have you ever heard of I/O Psychology? It’s short for “Industrial/Organizational” Psychology.

Word around the psych circles is that this particular part of the entire field of psychology is trending (popular) and is expected to only grow. This means more mind control, or mind study. It could, even, be passed off as ‘brain research’. How will I/O Psychology impact education? Let’s find out.

(Original source, emphasis added is mine)
Link to the information about artificial intelligence is here.
The information on the ‘cognitive revolution’ can be found here.

I first heard about I/O Psychology a few weeks ago. I was in a doctor’s office and saw a 2018 Psychology Today magazine. So, I picked it up and began looking through it. I wanted to see if any of the shifts in mental health in education were among the articles.

While I didn’t see any, I did see that near the end of the magazine, in one of those attention-getting boxes, “Now Trending” I/O Psychology!


If you’d like to see the U.S. Dept. of Labor information, go here. Sadly, I did not write down or take a photo of the particular Psychology Today issue. However, I did do some digging into who publishes the magazine. After all, with a topic as serious as ‘psychology’, we need to expect experts in the field.

Warriors, look below..a mustard maker’s heir, a UN (United Nations) partner, and, a magazine owner are who and what’s behind the Psychology Today publication!


The screenshot above information is  largely from a 1996 Wall Street Journal article titled:
oldwsj (*Note: If you have a subscription to the Journal, you can access it. If you do not, I suggest searching for the article on your smart device. When I used my laptop I couldn’t get past the first 5 lines. On my smartphone, I was able to read the entire article for free.)

If you’d like to learn about Unilever’s pilot mental health project, read here.

To see how Rockefeller’s Foundation is on Unilever’s Board, go here.

To read my previous research on Unilever’s ties to the CCSS Machine and the UN, visit here.

To read my previous research on the Rockefeller’s “Resilience” movement, how it’s a global movement, how the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and, how SEL (Social Emotional Learning) are involved, go here.

To see how the APA (American Psychological Association)is encouraging AP (Advanced Placement) students to take psych courses in high school and continue the ‘track’ into college, read this.

Warriors, below, is an older screenshot where we can connect psychology and school-based mental health, or, in this article’s case, workplace-based mental health.


Does the 116th Congress Have Any Psychological Bills?

Warriors, yes. Below are the Bill numbers/links.
HR 490 (Heartbeat Protection Act) has 2 instances in which psychological and emotional needs are to be assessed.

S 427 (Autism CARES Act) Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education, and, Support. Expands the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and embeds 4 different types of psychological evaluations. There’s a House Bill with the same name, HR 1058.

HR 647 (Palliative and Hospice Edu.tion and Training Act)psychology is listed 7 times. This Bill will increase social work schools, as well as expand medical career tracks.

HR 1336 (Mental Health Care for Children Inhumanely Separated from Their Parents by the Federal Government Act). The APA (American Psychological Association) is cited in this bill where children’s academic success is at risk of negative results due to separation.

HR 1629 (911 Saves Act), psychology is only mentioned once, but it’s what else this Bill does: revises the SOS (Standard Occupational System) the U. S. Dept. of Labor uses to classify careers/jobs based on data mining and education tracks.

HR 1828 (Ending Secrecy About Workplace Sexual Harassment Act) This Bill would be one ideal for the I/0 Psychologist. Somewhat related is S 851 (Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act). This Bill embeds psychology 4 times and includes community-based mental health facilities. A sister Bill is in the House (HR 1309).

HR 1351 (SURVIVES Act) Securing Urgent Resources Vital to Indian Victim Empowerment Act. Offers psychological services to Native Americans. In the Senate, sister Bill, S 211.

S752 (PREP Act) Preparing and Retaining Education Professionals Act. In this amendment to the HEA (Higher Education Act) psychologists are needed as education professionals for ECE (Early Childhood Education). Related to this Bill, is S 468 (Teachers and LEADERS Act) Leaders need Education and Development to be Empowered Resources in Schools. This Bill also amends the HEA. States schools must partner with psychology services.

HR 1000 (Jobs For All Act) Establishes a national full employment trust fund for use by those who are deemed unemployable. As part of the infrastructure for employment, psychological needs must be met.

These twins (HR 1468 and S 627) are called the SAFE Act (Security and Financial Empowerment). These would set aside psychological services for abuse victims and their families.

Related Resources:

1) To see what other groups are working with Rockefeller and Unilever to satisfy the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) via our food, go here.

2) To learn more about the U.S. House’s Mental Health Caucus, go here.

(*Note: ‘Pasadena Now’ is the correct spelling of the media source, not “Pasenda Now”.)

3) Did you know that’s there’s a Mental Health America (MHA) organization? They are a non-profit national group. One Board member is from the National PTA (Parent Teacher Assoc.). The National PTA is a CCSS Machine memberMHA also lobbies Congress, is broken into regions across the nation, backs the Zero to Three educratic overreaches, and, is a partner with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)HRC is a supporter of sexuality education in the classrooms (the earlier, the better), as well as the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act). Look below to see which other groups MHA has worked with:

(Original source, emphasis added is mine.)

To see Yale’s feature from the Faas Foundation, go here. By the way, all Faas Foundation does centers on mentally healthy workplaces and not-for-profit groups.

To read my archived article about the Pearson 360 Gender Intelligence assessment, go here.

If you’d like to learn about any mental health caucus groups in your State (and trust me Warriors, with the amount of mental health overreaches we’re seeing across the nation, some parts of the CCSS Machine are certainly grinding away at the legislators), visit this resource from MHA.

4) The Congressional Neuroscience Caucus also has lots of ties to not only the CCSS Machine, but embraces the UN’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and, Math). This Caucus also helps write “Dear Colleague” letters and supports biometrics. Oh, the 2 Presidential hopefuls? Rep. Tim Ryan and Rep. Eric Swalwell.


Warriors, I’ve written extensively about the BRAIN Initiative and how truly dangerous it is. Here’s a link to each of my articles (start at the top and end at “Hollow Ed”), but pay close attention to the one titled “Totally Unglued”. Tons of information we need NOW!


Warriors, we’ve focused on adult mental health overreaches for the most part today. Why? Because in the scheme of things, the total birth to death workforce alignment depends on adults just as controlled as the youth.

We know the HEA is the last link in that chain. Set the stage NOW for federal overreaches into psychology and mental health, prop those up with pseudo-science, and, you’ve got a true brainless nation.
Just as DC has zero business overreaching into our children’s brains, it has ZERO in our brains industry wise OR organizationally, either!

Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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